Thursday, April 16, 2009

BLOODLUST / Cinegrafik - 1961 / Music Director Michael Terr

For 711 post, Tabonga gonna lay on you strange lil' flick made in late fifties, release 1961 to theaters, and star MR. BRADY BUNCH hisself, Robert Reed! Also star June ATTACK OF THE PUPPET PEOPLE, EARTH vs THE SPIDER Kenney, Eugene EARTH vs THE SPIDER, THE PARTY CRASHERS Persson and Troy ATTACK OF THE PUPPET PEOPLE, EARTH vs THE SPIDER Patterson, he swingin' conductor cat in SPIDER!

Music is all from other places, so, who know?.. Not ol' Tabonga! But, somebloody tell Michael Terr to take care of it.

Lil' pet gnat Piff begging Tabonga to press big red 'go' button, so, here ya you... BLOODCRAZY!

Robert and gang want to go to island since bored and boat driver drunk like a skunk!.. Things different back then, not even have to use seat belt!

Wilton Graff play Dr. Albert Balleau, who like pals to dress wif' classy French Pirate look!

Kinda weird an' creepy thing happen on island paradise.

Ugly French Pirate dude think he so cool, til karate gurl flip into hot wax bath!..

Goo'night, Sweet Jerkface!

Dr. Balleau let Pirate Pal die in quicksand because he want pay raise.

Doc like to sit around in cave gallery and admire cool wax trophy statue! He even have remote so he can have drink and relax while change lighting for effect.

Hey, pal, have bunch of leech on face!... DUDE!

Does have great end tho, quicksand boy somehow get out and basically is very... ALL PISSED OFFFF!!!!! and Doc become newest exhibit!!

Right, Tabonga know... Poetic justice!

Like it say!.. Goo'night everbloody!


Darfish said...

Wax, Gore, Bloodlust, YUK! I need a Q-Tip and a bath!
Not necessarily in that order...

TABONGA! said...

Dar forget to mention leech!!

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Monster Music
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