Sunday, April 19, 2009

ROBINSON CRUSOE ON MARS / George Pal - 1964 / Music by Van Cleave

Here's one movie that you don't think of right off the bat, but, what a classic! Actually, the Dungeon gang saw it together back in the day. There's lots of eye candy stills tonight, plus, some extra stuff at the end, hey, no reason not to show some of it!

The music's by the great Mr. Van Cleave, who we've already featured a number of times, including CONQUEST OF SPACE, THE SPACE CHILDREN and COLOSSUS OF NEW YORK, which can all be searched within our Dungeon archive!


Here's our favorite guy, the real Batman himself! Of course, Adam's still going strong today doing voiceover. He's a good sport!

It always helps when the spaceship interior looks authentic! Mona and Paul Mantee are there, too!

The landing goes awry and only Mona and 'Robin' make it out alive... (Adam had to get back to the BATMAN set!)

Luckily, he has Mona, as he finds out he may not be rescued. (and... I have my Freddy Cat!)

He tries to make the best of it by having fun while taking a bath, you should try it!! Just don't take an electric guitar in there!.. Wow, that's one psyched-out padinski!

But, wouldn't you know it!.. THE MAN!!!

Robin helps Friday escape from the work site, then, brings him back to his place.

He shows Friday how to keep an eye on his oppressors... Perdy danged slick!!

There's always plenty of salt, too!

Odd that the poster artwork shows round disks instead of the WAR OF THE WORLDS models!

Paul Mantee's wife helped with artwork, writing 'Robin' on her pieces, and, since Adam was part of the cast, maybe she was thinking Batman and 'Robin!'

Lots of great detailed art studies were created for this production, giving an authentic feel to it!

You could even buy a Channel Master tape recorder like Robin's!!


Spike G. said...

Thanks very much, A Childhood favorite and yes those ships are VERY War of the Worlds.

prof. grewbeard said...

an awesome post, but whatta weird movie! those come & go saucers freak me out a bit!

Wendel said...

A classic that has never received the attention it deserves, until now. Thanks for the post.
At a time when Sci-Fi had degenerated into giant bugs and brains that slither, this was the first intelligent movie since Forbidden Planet.

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