Friday, April 24, 2009

GODMONSTER OF INDIAN FLATS - André Brummer (aka Henri Price) - "Livin' In The Past Ain't So Bad, When You Think About It!" (1973)

We're gonna blame this one on our pal Prof. Grewbeard over at Magic Carpet Burn, because without him I might have gone through life without ever seeing this film, and while that might have been a good thing, it's too late now, and I have to share!! The title says it all, or nothing, depending on your point of view!!! it's the "Godmonster of Indian Flats!"

They just don't make Nevada like this anymore!!

These were actually the Big Money machines!!

The Primadonna in Reno wasn't exciting enough, so they decide to move the party to a more happening location!!!

Once again we bow down to the Maestro André Brummer, aka Henri Price, aka Henry Price, the man behind the music of Arch Hall and Ray Dennis Steckler Dungeon classics like "Eegah!!!" and "Rat Pfink a Boo Boo," who never fails to come up with some good stuff, no matter what the odds!!

I'm serious, I swear to The Godmonster, do not tell anybody, but I used to own a button front red flannel shirt just like that, and me and Tabonga used to share it!!! No crap!!

So it's like an old western town kinda like "Westworld" without the robots, where they punk this city slicker dude who came to buy up all the mining rights!

You killed my dog, Dawg!!

There's a mad scientist living outside of town who has an assistant named Mariposa! I think if I was paying attention correctly, when they said Mariposa's name for like the 367th time, that's what created the monster! At least I know it drove me insane!!!

You can thank God that producer, writer, and monster designer Fredric Hobbs only ever designed one, because, really, I know there's a sheep in there somewhere, but why's it so dumpy, and what's up with the one long leg? At least, for the most part they don't focus, or keep the camera on it for a very long shot! I do gotta say, it sure does look like it would smell mighty funky, kind of like "The Heap!"

Hey, did any of you kids invite a big stinky sheep lookin attacked by wolves and regurgitated as a giant hairball monster to the picnic?? C'mon kids!!!


TABONGA! said...

LEVI make red flannel shirt, no crap!!

Darfish said...

The sound track was baaaaahhhhhaaaadddd
"Hey, did any of you kids invite a big stinky sheep lookin attacked by wolves and regurgitated as a giant hairball monster to the picnic?? C'mon kids!!!"
HA! Love it!

OH and I think red flannel shirts are really sexy.....

prof. grewbeard said...

hah! TOL'ya this was a good'un!

or did i?...

Greg Goodsell said...

The book NIGHTMARE USA has this big whoppin' chapter on the director of this film. He started doing all of these avant-garde art installations and this was his final film! I actually remember the Prima Donna witht he terra cotta showgirls out in front during a trip to Vegas WAY back in 1971.

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