Wednesday, April 8, 2009

INVASION OF THE STAR CREATURES - Jack Cookerly - "We Saved The World" (1963)

One of the most fascinating movies of the year 1963 was "Invasion Of The Star Creatures", which was probably one of the worst films ever made, but believe it or don't, was actually one of Tabonga and yours truly's favorite movies, as long as it played in a double feature with the equally hilarious but of equally dubious quality, "Creature From The Haunted Sea!"

Jack Cookerly gets the credit for the "electronic sound effects and music," and actually went on to do music for a number of well known TV shows like "Hazel" and "Mr. Ed!" He was also responsible for the "electronic music" in the 1957 classic we all love, "The Black Scorpion"!

What would have driven any normal adult insane was feast and fodder for a couple of out of control teens! To us, the antics of Robert Ball and Frankie Ray were no different than the shenanigans of the Stooges, the Bowery Boys, Abbott and Costello or Soupy Sales, just not quite as good, but in retrospect, Man, it's hard to sit through now!! Kind of like the way today's kids are going to feel about rap music 40 or 50 years from now!! You just don't get it when you get old, either that, it loses it's coolness, or you just don't care any more!!!

Roger Corman must have had an incredible effect upon some of his base camp, to the point that they forgot they were just actors, and decided to take on other chores of film making, so you get veteran actor Bruno VeSota, doing a horrible job of directing a terrible Jonathan Haze written script! As actors, those two guys are our absolute heroes, but as director and writer, and it pains me to say this, they sucked really bad!!! So, the worse it gets, the more it had to be, well, "What would Roger do?" And in the end, you get something like "Star Creatures!!!" What could Bruno possibly been thinking??

Very effective use of what appears to be Jello molds in this scene!!

The dolls are Gloria Victor as Professor Tanga and Dolores Reed as Dr. Puna! Now I'm starting to remember why we liked this movie so much, and I'm sure they spent at least 100 dollars on this set!!

Wow! Ultra scary monster!!!

Ultra scary monster becomes third stooge and does funny dance with tree!!

Pretty damn exciting right about here!!!

Absolutely amazing super happy ending with astonishly beautiful space girls falling head over heels in love with idiot bastard sons of Earth!! What more could you possibly want from life???


RODAN! said...

Rocketship insert is from ROCKY JONES, that's why it looks out of place...

zillagord said...

Hey guys:
Forgive me for my absence lately, I have been busy with school. I have been checking the blog, though, and I've seen some great stuff over the past coupla months.

THIS flick is just outta control bad! So thanks for the post, I freaking love this movie. The parts that are s'posed to be funny are lame and the parts that are s'posed to be dramatic are funny. Unfortunately, the "comic" scenes are more frequent.

A truly bad film. Thanks again, and I hope you all have been well (because I know you're sick after watching this!).


prof. grewbeard said...

this movie is AWESOME, in fact it's so awesome i can only watch it about once every five years!...

Eegah!! Rodan! and Tabonga! said...

Hey Zilla, Very cool that you checked in, man! I was seriously starting to think we lost you; glad to know it was just timing.

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