Sunday, March 22, 2009

THEM! / Warner Bros. - 1954 / Music by Bronislau Kaper

I got myself into a jam a few years ago and sold off many excellent posters I had. This was one of them! Makes a beautiful memory, though.

A really nice film from 1954! was THEM! Warner Bros. was going up against Universal and MGM for quality and put in a great effort, with stars James Whitmore, Edmund Gwenn, Joan Weldon, James Arness, Onslow Stevens, Fess Parker and a bunch of big old ants!

How's that for a title card?!.. Mr. Bronislau Kaper is the music composer for THEM and this is the first time he's been at the Dungeon, and, will be the last time! This is the only horror or sci-fi movie he ever worked on, but, check out these other titles he did... GASLIGHT, BEWITCHED, THE SECRET GARDEN, THE RED BADGE OF COURAGE, JET PILOT, AUNTIE MAME, GREEN MANSIONS, BUTTERFIELD 8, MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY, TOBRUK, THE WAY WEST and his last film, A FLEA IN HER EAR!!

Here at the Dungeon, we consider themes and music like this middle of the road, or weak from a creative standpoint, or basically a producer's error!!!

What makes this movie extra creepy is when they find young Sandy Descher walking in the desert, in a stunned daze, and, nobody can find out what in the world has happened to her!

Hmmm, looks like something broke out, not in!

Now, that's how you use a car in a shot!!

He tried to protect the sugar!


Great, now they know what they're looking for!

Oh yeah, time for a little romance in the field!

Oops!.. They'll have to hold that thought til later!

James is THE MAN!

Hey, has Godzilla been sighted in this area?!

One thing that really disturbed me as a kid was skeletons!!

Boats and ships are not safe from attack!!

Again, James is THE MAN!!

And, that's why he had to die!.. NOOOOOOOOO!!!!.....

Well, did we find them all, or, are there more out there?



Video Zeta One said...

Man, this is my kind of movie blog! Lots of eye candy and hilarious commentary. Great stuff going on here!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, little buddy!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, great screencaps. I just saw this last week online free at
Many other sci fi films are listed, this one was on Google video in less than stellar video quality.
Reminds me of afterschool TV watching.

Anonymous said...

This was a great scifi movie.
Originally it was going to be a color feature with the ants ending up in New York subways. Budget cuts lead to an L.A. location and black and white film stock. I think it only helped.

Thanks for the posts.

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