Tuesday, March 17, 2009

THE AMAZING TRANSPARENT MAN / MCP - 1960 / Music by Darrell Calker

What you know?.. Tabonga finally decide to post lil' odd 57 minute flick everbloody remember from 1960, because play so damn many time on TV! Star Douglas (THE LAND UNKNOWN) Kennedy, Marguerite (FLIGHT TO MARS) Chapman and James (THE VAMPIRE) Griffith, director is Edgar G. Ulmer who also direct BLUEBEARD, THE MAN FROM PLANET X, DAUGHTER OF DR. JEKYLL, THE NAKED VENUS and BEYOND THE TIME BARRIER. Okay, then makeup by Jack Pierce!.. HUH?!!

Wait, if guy transparent, why need makeup?

Dungeon pal Darrell Calker makin' music here, this time with theme that hard to forget... Dum, dum, dum, dum... Dum, dum, dum, dum!

Hey, Tabonga' pet tarantula Ralphie in the house!! HIT IT, RALPHIE!.. AMAZIN' TRANPARENT JOEY + A GUINEA PIG! Hey look, date on title card wrong!

Big-time criminal Joey Faust escape from prison and end up at the Major' house, and, he not too happy after he hear why he there... That make sense? One half second from now, Joey jump up and give Major major choking!

Here show how sparking atomic machine can make Guinea Pig transparent. Reason the Major need Joey is, hard to teach Guinea Pig how to rob bank and steal thing!!

Atomic vault guard take transparent fist to chin. Dude fighting Joey is best part of flick, no kiddin'! Look real.

Nothing ever go right for bad guy.


Whoa, doc and friends (+ Guinea Pig) manage to blow up half of county!!.. Man, that one little county!

Goo'night everbloody!! Oh, and Ralphie say... squeek squeek!

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Not too many people know Tabonga is Irish, Happy Barfday, you rotten old stick!!!

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