Tuesday, March 10, 2009

ASSIGNMENT TERROR / Spain - 1970 / Music by Rafael Ferrer-Fitó & Franco Salina

Ho boy! Tabonga gots LOS MONSTRUOS DEL TERROR from Spain, 1970... Right, Tabonga know he color outside lines, but who going to tell Tabonga no?

Star Michael Rennie and writer/wild man Paul Naschy. What else, Paul play tragic werewolf! And, what else, Michael play dude from outer space!!

Very hip music for 1970, gots that sound! Look like music guy Rafael Ferrer-Fitó & Franco Salina only work on one monster flick, but not this one!

Just kidding! Here is tonight sound clip from the Dungeon... ASSIGNMENT TERROR or THE MAN FROM UMMO!

Flick start with poor misunderstood Paul who turn into werewolf and kill gurl.

Then, Michael drop in from planet Ummo and go to swingin' nightclub!

Michael fix Paul to work for him.

Michael wake up mummy to join team of monstruos!!

Hard to make out action here, but, Paul turn into werewolf and fight wif' mummy! Photo show mummy caught up in big wood wheel that Paul throw him in and then start spinning real fast. Then, he throw lit torch in with mummy!! You need to see this flick!.. No kidding, Tabonga never seen nothin' like it!! Have to rent to believe.

Paul now fight wif' Frankie, he big trouble maker!

Frankie get smoked by Paul!

Paul gurlfiend have to shoot him because he refuse to be nice doggie!

Michael and hot assistant check out cursed lovers.

Big eyeball from Ummo on monitor and rest of gang get all blown up at end!

Goo'night everbloody!


Greg Goodsell said...

Such a comedown for Michael Rennie!

Prof. Grewbeard said...

Michael Rennie & Paul Naschy in the same movie- only in the sixties!

Cliff said...

You fail mention how hard to follow. Movie make no sense. Do not watch in altered state. Get confused.

EEGAH!! said...

In your case, I don't think it makes much difference Cliff!

TABONGA! said...

I think it was Tabonga! that confused Cliff...

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Monster Music
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