Sunday, March 1, 2009

WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE / George Pal - 1951 / Music by Leith Stevens

Given such an epic title as WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE, well, it almost has to take on a Biblical feel. And, if you don't believe me, check out our audio piece tonight from the awesome Mr. Stevens, who was also featured last Sunday.


Something bad is going on out there, you know, in outer space!.. Damn, Hayden Rourke looks pretty cool with a goatee!

The bad news is, another planet is on a collision course with Earth. Richard Derr is part of the team planning to build and fly a rocket to a planet named Zyra, and repopulate the human race there.

Earthquakes and floods are common occurances when another planet comes too close to Earth, according to George Pal and the History Channel.

This is exactly why Richard is in charge... He can run faster than the other guys!

Exquisite annihilation!!

A lottery drawing was used to select the 44 people for the journey. Mob rule came close to taking over, but everyone made it safely onboard... Whew!.. Goodbye!!

John Hoyt play a rich weasel who gets to go, but will not give the ticket to Barbara Rush, who will then be left behind and cannot have children with Richard Derr on Zyra! Get it?!.. A real ass!! His assistant takes the ticket and gives it to Barbara, because, its the right thing to do!!

When the ship starts it's motors, John quickly jumps up, out of the wheelchair. He'd been faking everything, for sympathy! Gee, sounds like another rich weasel in a wheelchair lately, trying to get some fake sympathy.

That would really make a cool ride at Magic Mountain!

Barbara and the others watch the monitor as the Earth takes it right in the mush!!

Left turn signal on...

You're now entering Zyra's atmosphere!.. Please, fasten your seat belts!


Welcome to Zyra!.. The production ran out of money just about right here. Although the background looks decent, Chesley Bonnestell said in OUTRE magazine that what you see there is the underpainting, in other words, its not finished!!

But, what the hell, who cares, they made it!!

Let's just hope that the radiation didn't make them sterile!

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Greg Goodsell said...

John Hoyt's role in this film is frequently cited as one of the many inspirations for Kubrick's DR. STRANGELOVE!

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