Thursday, March 12, 2009

12 TO THE MOON / Columbia - 1960 / Music by Michael Andersen

Tabonga Thursday send you to the Moon an' back with international cast, crew and assorted animal!.. Guy in poster say... Wheeeeee!!

Muzik dude Michael Andersen only have total of 8 credit, but other flick include TOWER OF LONDON, WHATEVER HAPPENED TO BABY JANE? and TERRIFIED!


Okay, Tabonga know that if not put this up, everbloody be asking, "Tabonga, who in this flick, anyway?!"

Hey, credit guy not know how to alphabetize correctly!!!

Ken feeling all sexy!.. Wow, they use patio furniture for space chair?!

Also... ONE!

Tema Bey lucky and get to see where they going! Same spaceship also use in PHANTOM PLANET.

Looking for good place for picnic!

Earth guy piss off Moon dude because forget to clean up after picnic, so Moon dude send freezing temperature to Earth!!

What hell?!!!

How they do that?

So, Earth dude send best buddies out in space to blow up Sun to save Earth!! Hey, that rocket look like it from THE LOST MISSILE!!

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Monster Music
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