Thursday, March 5, 2009

THE MAN WHO TURNED TO STONE / Columbia - 1957 / Music by Ross DiMaggio + George Duning

Tabonga continue 'Sadistic Bastard Week' wif' weird lil' Columbia flick from 1957... Flick feature five sadistic bastard, and one is gurl!!

Music dude Ross DiMaggio work on many serial, then IT CAME FROM BENEATH THE SEA and THE NIGHT THE WORLD EXPLODED. Music dude George Duning have 160 composing credit and basically work on everything, serials, flick and TV... Awesome guy!!

Eric! We hear you STONE COLD BEATING HEART! Take you medication please!..

Begin at gurlie detention center, a place Tabonga want to be detained!

Crap, 'nother lady scream in middle of night, waking up whole damn place again! What hell!!!

When you super special and belong to Numbskull & Bonehead Club, well, you get to run show secretly from basement. Also, safe place for watertub torture experiment, away from prying eye of snoopy little guy. Oh, and can be tricky and make thing look like what it not!!

Dungeon favorite William Hudson die at age 49! He always be... HARRY!!

Even more sadistic when turning on own big shot pal! Man, sting 10 time worse when you so special and privileged! So, so sad, you know...

Goo'night sweet pumice!!

Eric is freakin' sadistic bastard from hell!! Tabonga not even show still where he strangle gurl! He deserve glass pitcher in face but not really hurt that much! ...Too bad!

Here is funny series of photo, hard to see but last still show Eric' feet come up! That always tickle the Dungeon' funny bone!!

Victory Jory and Ann Doran calmly compare their last note on the subject, as whole place goes up in flame. Too bad life not imitate fiction!

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