Monday, March 2, 2009

DR. BLOOD'S COFFIN - Buxton Orr - "The Pride Of Lucifer" (1961)

In honour of the week we do post #666 (That would be tomorrow), I've taken it upon myself to declare this "Sadistic Bastards Week" and The Devil knows there's a lot of them out there in real life and on celluloid, so let's don't waste any more time, Dammit! Here's a little tale about one evil sick S.O.B., called "Dr. Blood"!!! Not the most spectacular music in the world by the masestro Buxton Orr, but for this particular film, who cares?? We've wrote about Buxton before, so use the search if you want to find out more!

Kieron Moore is Dr. Peter Blood to perfection, at least they had the sense to name him Peter, because he's a real Dick, but the bottom line is, when you're the same guy who's doing the evil, AND the guy doing the saving, I'm sorry, you are the world's biggest double-dealing phony fraud white sepulchre! One of the most interesting things to me is that his name is Dr. Blood, but that has no actual real significance, because it's really just his name!!! The Blood family, nothing weird, just got saddled with a strange handle, that's all, the cat didn't have to take it so personally!!! Deal with it, you don't have to go around killing people!! Man, what a loser!!

Hazel Court as Nurse Linda Parker is amazing through this whole movie; she looks good and is a strong character, and just happens to work for Dr. Blood's Dad, Robert or as he's know to his friends, Bob Blood, but even from the start, Nurse Linda knows something isn't right, but just can't put her finger on it!

How'd you like to be this guy?? Dr. Blood had him in a cave, he drags himself what seems like miles to escape, falls off a cliff to narrowly escape detection by Dr. Blood, and then when normal people finally find him, they call Dr. Blood to come check him out, and he immediately shoots him up with something that kills him, and tells them he had a heart attack!! Dr. Blood is the lowest of the low!! Like, way, way down there!! BUT, he does it all, in the name of science, which justifies it in his solo scrambled brain!

She knows, and he knows she knows, so what else can he possibly do???

Go dig up and re-animate her dead husband who she still loves!

Hazel Court just passed away a little less than a year ago, and we miss her!! She was whatever's beyond awesome! Looks like she was lucky to live past this scene, he's choking her so hard, it looks like her eyes are popping out!!

The Pride of Lucifer gets all 100% of his just rewards! Damn, there is some hope in the world!!!

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