Monday, March 23, 2009

GHOSTS OF HANLEY HOUSE - Don C. Parsons - "I Hope I Don't" (1968)

This one's for all our friends out there in Texas, starting with the good professor! Just when you probably thought we were running out of supercheap movies, up pops "The Ghosts Of Hanley House", to lower the bar even lower, or maybe just go on and set it down on the ground! I was really hoping that this film was going to be up there with with some of the other Texas classics like "The Black Cat" or "Creature Of Destruction," but that simply was just not meant to be! As a matter of dang fact, this movie is SO slow, I thought it stopped a couple of times!! Seems like in an effort to add more time, they continually hold the shot for seconds and seconds over and over again with no action at all. The acting is so stiff, it makes "Manos" look like "West Side Story!" The title and the ghost music sounds like recycled "Forbidden Planet" miked through about nine 50 gallon drums!

BUT....pretty close to the beginning of the film they are in a saloon making plans to stay in Hanley House, and the music by David C. Parsons is going to set you on your seat. I've probably said this before about something else, but this might just be one of the best rockin' pieces we've ever heard here, because I don't know who David C. Parsons was, or what ever happened to him, but this music sounds like vintage Fillmore 1960 something, and you're going to dig it cause when the rave-up starts, it sounds like The Sunflower jammin' with Quicksilver and a little Red Krayola thrown in for good measure! From there, the movie and the music pretty much runs to the outhouse in a hurry, but Hell, nobody's perfect, so take what you can get, cause what you got here is good!

Nice Caddie convertible!!!

1968 Texas in a haunted house, what else could you possibly do than chug a few 16 oz cans of "Brew 102"?! Life can be so sweet sometimes!!

Pretty cool painting has a starring role!!!

Writer/Director Louise Sherrill missed a major opportunity to really rock the joint right here, instead, they chose total dullsville music!!

Then to make matters worse, they dance to the crappy music, if they would have just used some more rockin' music about here, it would probably have woke you up, but no, it's downshift time, and now it's time to get ready to park this mess!!

Slapped down by a ghost, how embarrassing is that?

This is The Ghost!! Oooh, Oooh, pretty scary!! This movie was in black and white, and I think they blew their budget on these ineffective colour overlays!


Prof. Grewbeard said...

i probably have to see this flim now. have you checked out The Girl and The Geek? 'twas filmed in Houston and surrounding areas in the early-to-late 60s(i live in Houston). no, i was not the Geek!

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

I wouldn't put it on the top of my list, but you're just weird enuf to like it! Thanx for the tip on another what looks like impossible movie to find, I'm adding "Girl & The Geek" aka "Passion In The Sun" to my wantlist of unavailable flicks!!

Prof. Grewbeard said...

Girl & The Geek can be found on the Godmonster Of Indian Flats DVD that Something Weird/Image put out and is available from Netflix. GOIF would be another good flick to stick!

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

That's why he's The Professor folks!! Thanx, it's as good as a done deal!!

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