Thursday, March 26, 2009

INVASION OF THE ANIMAL PEOPLE / Jerry Warren - 1962 / Music by Harry Arnold + Allan Johansson?

Tonight, Tabonga bring you 'nother Frankenstein-Zombie flick from good old Jerry Warren, he never fail to amaze, which Tabonga ironically mean, disappoint!!!

Music probably by original dude from TERROR IN THE MIDNIGHT SUN, who know? We try not to give Jerry credit when not diserving...

Tabonga' pet tarantula come strolling into room and he ready to push big red button for... INVASION OF BIG MUPPET MONSTER!

Of course, John get big pay for half day work to talk, talk, talk... About not anything even God understand, but, what else new wif' Jer?..

Lapplander get it wrong again, once in 1959 and now! It a UFO!!!

Okay, here is very good example o' Tabonga' fatal flaw, gurl! Face like that always sucker Tabonga into shooting own self with Cupid' arrow!

Barbara Wilson have only 17 (Tabonga' lucky number!) acting credit, but with title THE GIRL IN THE RED VELVET SWING, TEENAGE DOLL, BLOOD OF DRACULA, THE FLESH EATERS and THE REVENGE OF THE LIVING DEAD!

UFO plow into Timmie' miniature mountain, then alien flip on boob tube to see what on! Some flick about dude walking in snow outside some UFO... boring!

Tabonga put photo here to show excellent composition by cinemaphotographer dude!

See how cute monster is?.. Big head alien need to get lots more sun!.. And, ski patrol dude gots surprise for visitor from space!

Not even his fault, ski patrol dude throw torch on poor animal-thing...

Then, alien leave without say goodbye! They all pissed because have to be in stupid Jerry Warren flick!!

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Monster Music
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