Thursday, March 19, 2009

THE HAUNTING / MGM - 1963 / Music by Humphrey Searle

Director/producer Robert Wise hit homerun tonight with very great spooky flick from yesteryear! Other movie Robert direct you may not know... THE CURSE OF THE CAT PEOPLE, THE BODY SNATCHER and THE ANDROMEDA STRAIN.

British music composer Humphrey Searle have decent career and work on THE BABY AND THE BATTLESHIP, THE ABOMINABLE SNOWMAN, THE MONSTERS and DOCTOR WHO!

Here was an excellent sample of Mr. Searle' work, and, truly spooky!

Julie Harris and Claire Bloom play psychic gurlies, and that why they there, to attract ghost!!

Creepy ghost like Julie best...

What the?!!

Oh, and not to fergit great performance by Richard Johnson and Russ Tamblyn. In 2008 Richard play Bernard Qualtrough on Brit TV series SPOOKS! In heyday, Russ be the dude!! Notice drink in Russ' hand?

Somebloody could get hurt aroun' here, so, might as well... have another beer!

Robert' wife show up and all Hell break loose!! Probably best to believe in spook!



Greg Goodsell said...

I'm surprised no mention was made of the fact that this film has a Tabonga favorite -- LESBIANS!

Anonymous said...

Natcherly, Tabonga love lesbian!! Eegah!! an' Rodan! love lesbian too! We call 'win win' situation around here.

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Monster Music
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