Saturday, March 14, 2009

ROTE LIPPEN - SADISTEROTICA - Jerry Van Rooyen - "Two Undercover Angels" (1969)

Just for pure visual pleasure and musical enjoyment, I preferred "Küß Mich, Monster", but really, if truth be known, both of these films should have been combined together and made into one totally awesome action packed film!

So here they are once again, those Red Lips, those Two Undercover Angels, Rosanna Yanni as Regina, and Janine Reynaud as Diana, in another Jesus Franco classic, "Sadisterotica"!

In this scene Diana gets her nose hit as they both try to go through the door!!

This movie is about another mad killer artiste, and what is it with these guys? They're starting to give art a bad name!

Mr. Jerry Van Rooyen rocks the joint from strip club to beach bar with a killer score that goes on forever and a week!

MC Mr. McCool!!!!

Sadisterotica, I guess, how about a whole new meaning for the term cage match!!!

Looks like a monkey hand, but you don't know what you're going to get, after all, this is a Jess Franco movie!!

I hesitate to call this guy a Werewolf or a Wolf Man, because it really looks like he's just punk with a bad attitude that needs a shave!!

"Let it out, let it all out!" Do it for Jesus!!

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