Monday, March 16, 2009

LA CAMARA DEL TERROR - Enrico C. Cabiati - "The Chamber Of Fear" (1968)

Just for all you dames and demons of disaster, tonight we bring you a very special feature, unlike any other, "La Camara Del Terror," or as they like to say in English, "The Chamber Of Fear!!!"

This would be Boris Karloff's actual last film outing, and although it's trounced on by many, I'll tell you, from a musical aspect and based on good old fashioned tackiness, this isn't a bad movie!! Stupid, unbelievable and without conscience, but not bad!!

Terror therapy! The new world order, nightmares for all, or as Bob Dylan would say, "those old dreams are only in your head!!!"

Then, even though it was all real, you wake up in the hospital because you're sick, and you're given all kinds of drugs to keep you convinced, that it's you and not them!!

A very strange but magnetizing woman! We met one night in a backstreet bar in Casablanca; I don't remember much, except I do miss that kidney!!

So I'm not quite sure if you've been following this story or not, but Boris and his people found this live intelligent rock that likes to eat people, kinda like in "The Little Shop Of Horrors" except this is a rock and not a plant! So they hire this stripper, and you've got to wonder sometimes how this world got so overpopulated when people can be this stupid!

Yerye Beirute as Roland seems to enjoy the show no matter what!!!

The monster uses her up and throws her away like yesterday's newspaper ready to flush down the toilet!!

Boris says, Yes, sure, come on over, I'm not feeling that great really, but if you want to shoot the scene in my bedroom instead of the studio, sure, that's fine!!

From a historical point of view, there is no possible way to pan this film. Number one, you've got two international icons, Boris Karloff and Santanón, and number two, you've got a killer soundtrack from one of the All-Time Dungeon Faves, the amazing Masestro Enrico C. Cabiati, replete with insync monster heaving, sighing and whining!

Rollin' along pretty good for a rock!!

Boris Karloff, the ultimate trooper, to THE END!


Prof. Grewbeard said...

i agree, this movie is what you call Bad/Good! or Good/Bad. whatever!...

Unknown said...

Can U please re-upload it?

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

Try it Again!

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