Friday, March 27, 2009

UFO TARGET EARTH - "We Know What We Saw (Vivian)" (1974)

In modern text lingo, if you write UFO backwards, it's O,FU!! I think you get the idea of where this film is heading and where it's been. Once again, I hate to be redundant, but "UFO Target Earth", is the embodiment of why we've decided to mostly review films of the 50's and 60's, I mean after all, let's face it, a little bit of the 70's goes a long ways!!

Can you say Wollensak??? Oh, to only have those tapes again!!!

Hey Baby, I like your jacket and shades!!! AaOooh!!!!

Oh, Man, oh man, those 70's studs are on the prowl tonight!!

This has got to be the most flagrant boom mike in the shot scene in film history!!

Setting up the big chingadero watchamacallit thingamajig, and backwards no less!! That really takes some huevos!!

This sound sample is prefect, it starts off with the worst "Bread" knockoff you ever heard, and segues into some of the most deranged off kilter, off key "Country Love" disco imaginable; it was actually contorting my face too, to listen to it, until the cool funky bass driven drivel distracted me!

Sorry I don't know who did the music, I can't seem to find the credit info online, and they're unreadable on a 20 pack copy!


RODAN! said...

That 70's studs photo looks like a freakin' Rembrandt painting!!!

lllvus said...

That could pass as a young Will Ferrell on the left in the 70's studs pic

Monster Music

Monster Music
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