Monday, January 12, 2009

YUSEI OJI (Prince Of Space) - Katsuhisa Hattori - "Looks Like A Flying Saucer" (1959)

Forget those phony "Teenagers From Outer Space" weenies and all their stinkin' problems, tonight we have the real thing, "The Prince Of Space", and watch out, because although he's a nice guy, he's pissed!

Unbelievable as it may seem, those two movies were released within two months of each other, both in 1959! It's up to you to decide who was more sophisticated, but then again, it might be a moot point!! The Teenagers had a flying corkscrew, these guys have got what looks like a flying fried reptilian chicken!

Joji Oka as the Phantom of Krankor made his first film back way in 1929! Maybe that explains why he has his moustache on upside down!

I need to know, is this really the best they could do? They really couldn't find anybody to do a better makeup job on the noses than that, and somebody really thought that was good enough! I don't get it!

Are they going to need digital converters, or do they only get AM talk radio? Maybe that's why they're so hostile!!!

You see, it's a social problem! These poor cats have been at the bottom of the list for so long, they just can't take it anymore. Can you imagine being in line waiting for your number to come up when you're Z4, and they're on B7000? Yeah, right, you're going to develop an attitude problem after awhile, and it looks like they spend way too much time on their knees!!!

Now how in the Hell am I supposed to explain this???

My favorite line is spoken by The Prince himself, "Now look, give up, or I'll have to kill you!" Tell me Clint Eastwood never saw this movie!

Compser Katsuhisa Hattori had a varied career that included Japanese versions of TV cartoons "Swiss Family Robinson"("Kazoku Robinson Hyôryûki Fushigina Shima No Furône") and "Tom Sawyer"("Tomu Sôyâ No Bôken").


Greg Goodsell said...

I can never figure out why the head bad guy has lace on his costume ...

prof. grewbeard said...


Monster Music

Monster Music
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