Saturday, January 3, 2009

TRACK OF THE MOON BEAST - Frank Larrabee - "California Lady" (1976)

I'm not too sure how far this year 2009 is going to make it, so I'm breakin' the rules tonight and jumping off, and out into the future, because people need to know that there was at least one good movie made in the 70's!! "Track Of The Moon Beast" has got it all, and then some, and even though it's made in 1976, it's cool enough to have come from the 60's!

Here's the main gang, Chase Cordell as Paul, Country singer Leigh Drake as Cathy, Gregorio Salas as Professor Johnny Longbow and the other two kids!

This shot alone makes it look like a 60's movie, when was the last time you saw a flash like that?

Here's the reason we're doing this one! Frank Larrabee as a BeeGee lookin' wannabee, Tom Rush/John Denver soundin' rock star, actually does a credible job with the sunshine hippie dippy happy slappy "California Lady"! I'll take it over a bunch of orchestrated crap or disco any day!

The music is so wild and beyond belief, the crowd can barely contain themselves, just knowing they're probably listening to the genius of some future superstars!

Give Joe Blasco a standing ovation for creating a pretty cool and scary looking old school rubber monster!

Chicks scream no matter what era it is!!!

Joe sneaks up on the cops, looking like he could have been a cousin of "It The Terror From Beyond Space!" in some kind of sequel!

Now you know why they needed a character named Johnny Longbow!!

So Paul got a pretty raw deal really, I mean, he was a nice guy and he wasn't doing anything wrong, he gets hit in the head with a meteorite that turns him into a monster, his best friend shoots him with an arrow and gets his girlfriend!! Now, that stinks, just like the 70's!!


Greg Goodsell said...

My favorite scene in this rather crappy flick is the slow dissolve of the hero lying in bed and turning into the monster. Very Larry Buchanan-esque ......

Anonymous said...

Can you re-up the mp3 for "California Lady"? Thanks you!

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

ENJOY! Yours Welcome!!

Jake F. said...

Thank you so much! I've been searching for this song forever!!! Great review all I have to say is.... [sighs] Onions....

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

You're welcome Jake! That's why we do this!

BluesGal said...

I had no idea this film was ever finished and released until several years later. I played Cathy. I can tell you, the way it was edited, is a bit different than what we shot and the script. All in all, worst film ever made except somehow it's so campy, it's still out there. Kill me. Leigh Drake (Donna Leigh Scott)

EEGAH!! said...

Say Hey Leigh, thanks so much for checking in! Surely you must have some interesting stories to tell! Maybe one of these days you'll play at The Crystal Palace, cause it'd be great to see you perform live!

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