Friday, January 30, 2009

THE PLAGUE OF THE ZOMBIES - James Bernard - "Zombies!" (1966)

I've had this thing about the word 'of' in titles lately, and tonight's a perfect example, because you see it's like you have the plague, but just having the plague isn't bad enough, you need to have something more serious like "The Plague Of The Zombies"!!


You can pretty much add the word 'zombie' to any title and it's gonna spice it up some, and that I guarantee!!!

It's like the turn of the century in England, and you can have wild voodoo rituals going on down in your basement, and nobody is the wiser! I'd say just seeing this one guy would be a dead giveaway!

This is the unlikely hero of this film, Sir James Forbes as portrayed by André Morell! What a fantastic character, muttering and mumbling along, but a complete genius!!

Even when she's sick, Jacqueline Pearce looks good as Alice Mary Tompson in this role!

When's the last time you saw the guys washing the dishes??

Alice is plagued by bad dreams!!!

Seems like all those bad dreams were not so unfounded after all, as Alice gets treated quited badly by this ugly zombie!!!

"Plague Of The Zombies" is one creepy lookin' film, but once again, they really blow it in the end by coming up with the lame concept of having the zombies working for the bad guys in the Tin mines! It's just stupid!!

Lucky for us and all involved, the whole joint burns to Hell in the end!! The music if I can get it to work, because something's totally screwy with (So much for upgrades!!) was composed by James Bernard who we've written about here before for his contributions to the genre not only on a hoarde of Hammer films, but also "X-The Unknown", "The Creeping Unknown" and "Quatermass 2!"

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Greg Goodsell said...

This film provided for a classic cover for Famous Monsters of Filmland!

Monster Music

Monster Music
AAARRGGHHH!!!! Ya'll Come On Back Now, Y'Hear??