Saturday, January 17, 2009

RAT PFINK A BOO BOO Part II - Ron Haydock - "I Stand Alone Go Go Party" (1966)

So the story goes something like this, at this point in the filming, Ray Dennis decided the movie wasn't really going anywhere, so rather than quit, he just finished it off as fast and cheaply as he could by suddenly adding the appearance of our two masked heroes! So let's get going with "Bullets To The End"

Consequently, the rest of the movie is nothing but a bunch of chasing around in L.A. with music, and not a whole lot of anything else going on!

Lonnie just keeps on singing! This time it's "Big Boss Go Go Party"!!!

This shot has all the elements you need to make a perfect motion picture! Nothing and a dumpster!!

"I Stand Alone"!! Yeah, he really did!!! Ron Haydock was a massive talent who, like many others, styled his brand of music after Gene Vincent. He was also a writer of soft-core novels, worked for Forrest J. Ackerman on "Famous Monsters Of Filmland" and went on to be editor of his own magazine, my second favorite monster mag, "Fantastic Monsters Of The Films" with Paul Blasisdell and Bob Burns! And that is one more completely different story! In 1977 Ron Haydock was hit by a semi truck, while he was hitch hiking, and killed instantly!!! Damn!!!

All right, get everybody to head on over to the beach! Roll camera! That's a wrap, kids!!!!

Speaking of Bob Burns, here he is as Kogar The Gorilla, which always brings to mind my favorite quote from "Famous Monsters" in an article about Bob Burns! "Bob be nimble, Bob be quick, Bob jump over the candlestick, Bob Burns!!!

For more information that I could ever dredge up for you, here's a link to a killer article written just about a year ago on Ray Dennis Steckler by Greg Goodsell! "Steckler For Details"!!! There's a great box set that is readily available that Ray Dennis Steckler put out, that includes this film, "The Thrill Killers", "The Lemon Grove Kids" and of course the Steckler monsterpiece, "The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living And Became Mixed-Up Zombies!" What are you waiting for???

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Greg Goodsell said...

I spoke to Steckler a few weeks before his death. He had just been released from the hospital after extensive heart surgery and almost didn't make it. He was very pleased with my interview in SCREEM and said that it was one of the few interviews that he had given where he "sounded like a real filmmaker!" I will treasure the T-shirts he gave me forever and ever --

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