Monday, January 5, 2009

DAS UNGEHEUER VON LONDON CITY - Martin Böttcher - "The Monster Of London City" (1964)

Born in 1927, and still living well, as far as I can tell, composer Martin Böttcher is, in my humble opinion, one of the most gifted soundtrack composers out there, and after hearing the musical musings of "Monster Of London City", I'm sure you'll agree!! Chopped, hacked, and mutilated, this Edgar Wallace take on the Jack The Ripper tale is brutal, and the music fits the mood perfectly, just like O.J.'s glove!!! If you like movies that treat women like dirt, and allow little kids to witness murder, then you're going to love this 1964 German horror thriller!

Not merely twisted enough on it's own, you have to have at least two stories and their characters intertwined, so a major part of this film is a stage production of "Jack The Ripper!" It's also a real cheap and easy way to slip in some early backstage nudity!!

I lost track of the victim count, this is probably 3 or 4!!

If truth be told, this hooker was really dumb! I guess it's commonplace to hang out in dark secluded alleys, and not get killed!

The last victim just lays down on her bed and invites whoever into her flat! I guess she hasn't heard about the killer going around chopping up prostitutes! Gee, do you think she's going to get it too?? Twisted to the end, the writing is almost as brilliant as the music, but if this movie was in colour, it'd be too gory for me to watch!!

Damn, I love this music, and I just recently read that Martin Böttcher played the guitar at a very young age, so, maybe that's where all that cool electric guitar influence comes from! How to explain all that outstanding sax, bass and bongos is anyone's guess!! Hey Martin, how about an interview so we can find out??

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Monster Music
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