Thursday, January 8, 2009

THE KILLER SHREWS / Hollywood Pictures - 1959 / Music by Harry Bluestone & Emil Cadkin

Welcome to Tabonga' Thursday posting here at Dungeon... Tonight' offering is nutty lil' flick by Hollywood Picture they film in Texas, not Hollywood!!.. Texas good at suspension of disbelief!

Get ready for this, music composer Harry Bluestone work on only three other movie besides THE KILLER SHREWS!.. One was in 2007!!!

Music dude Emil Cadkin have 13 composing credit which include TERROR FROM THE YEAR 5000!

Best part of tonight' sound clip is when Rook get attack by Shrews and scream like little gurl! So here ya go!.. KILLER POOCHIES IN SHREW CLOTHING!

Out in ocean, James Best and pal Rook notice it might sprinkle so high-tail it to nearest island!.. Rook play by Judge Henry Dupree who act in just one more flick.

Wow, Rook head look almost perfectly round!

Rook have to wait back at dock while James go relax wif' local bigshot scientist and lovely daughter Ingrid Goude... And, you know, one drink lead to another!!.. Ever'thing's cool, daddy-o! Just pour another one right in there, palsie!

Then with no warning!!.. Super weirdo science nerd Dr. Radford Baines barge in and break up party with super important announcement that can't wait for even 2 second more or he gonna have one big heart attack!!

Tabonga notice in this flick and THE UNDEAD... They start filming before paint dry on the walls!!

Ever'bloody so drunk they forget that Rook is only spicy meatball on island and it Shrew' snacktime!! He try to climb high in flimsy tree and it break!.. Too late for diet he was thinking about as he become part of cycle of life!.. Shrew Chow! An' well, 'judging' from soundclip, he sound pretty delicious!!

Here two disgusting sights, Mario' leg while Shrew gobble on it, and Ken Curtis who play total ass-wipe Jerry!!

James have hair-brain idea that just might work! Put a bunch o' upside down barrell with eye slot together an' ever'bloody waddle out to water and then swim out to boat to safety!! Sound simple enough!

More spookier than it seem when on drawing board and drunk as hell!

What, you not think they not barely make it and Ken not get all chew up by Shrews, do you?!.. And, Tabonga love that last photo!


prof. grewbeard said...

speaking of Texas, i used to go to the McLendon Drive-In Theater on Murphy Rd., owned by the same McLendon who put up the money for this film and also played the part of Dr. Radford Baines. an enterprising guy!

Greg Goodsell said...

Taming of the shrews ......?

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Monster Music
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