Sunday, January 11, 2009

TEENAGERS FROM OUTER SPACE / Tom Graeff Productions - 1959 / Music by William Loose + Fred Steiner

Tonight's little teenage JD monster flick from 1959 is a classic for all the wrong reasons... None the less, still, a classic!

The rocket surgeon there, sees something odd while looking through the telescope and tells professor Squarenuts the weird 'drill in space' theory that just popped into his head!

Wow, and, it looks like the professor uses black shoe polish to care for and maintain his beard!!!

Tonight's music is supplied by two uncredited composers, William Loose and Fred Steiner. Some other movies they worked on are: ESCAPE FROM HELL ISLAND, THE DEVIL'S BEDROOM, TARZAN AND THE GREAT RIVER, BUMMER, THE ALIEN ENCOUNTERS, THE BULLWINKLE TV SHOW, TV's FRACTURED FLICKERS, THE GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD, MILTON THE MONSTER TV Series and lots more!!


See, jerks! They just toasted poor lil' Sparky, now he's all bones and no bark!

King Moody has to talk into a microphone and the alien leader doesn't!

Derek is a perfect gentleman and has good posture, Thor is a perfect maniac and needs his ritalin, like yesterday!!

Thor, the hot head with a focusing disentegrator!!

I have never piloted a vehicle like this before!.. I will try again.

Thor is going to need counseling sometime soon!!

He's tough, though! He elects to have surgery without anestesia!!!

I have a copy of the paperback this guy's reading, called THE FLYING SAUCERS ARE REAL!

The Gargon comes screaming over the hill, so, Derek climbs the telephone pole to tap into the lines, the focusing disentegrator needs more juice to stave off the monster. Betty goes over to a utility phone and calls the generating plant and tells the guy to blow the place up if he has to, but... "MORE JUICE!!" And, he actually does whatever she demands. We call guys like him, "lonely!"

Jeez! What is it with those freakin' beards?!! Make up dude had to be an amateur!!! Anyway, beleive it or not, that's Derek's father, the supreme leader. Derek tricks him and brings in the ships too fast and they all crash and blow up as they show stock footage of a volcano exploding! The other thing that makes my wig flip are the cages for the Gargons at the beginning!.. Pathetic!

Then, Derek gives his little 'pro Earth' speech at the very end!!


Prof. Grewbeard said...

great, i was hoping ya'll would cover this one. i've been collecting the sound montages, i've got a mp3 player full of them!

Greg Goodsell said...

Montgomery Clift from Outer Space!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like the very high budget Topaz Film Corp. simply used Loose's cues from the Capitol Hi-Q library of production music, as opposed to Loose actually scoring the film. A bunch of TV production companies in the mid-late 50s did the same thing.

Fred Steiner's father was film composer Max Steiner.

Lacey said...

Really OLD Teenagers from outer space.

Monster Music

Monster Music
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