Saturday, January 24, 2009

DINOSAURUS! - Ronald Stein - "Julio Meets The Neanderthal Man" (1960)

I always thought that "Dinosaurus" was a tricky little title, just adding that one little syllable was pure 1960 genius! Leave it to Jack Harris to come up with something like that, and I love any title that has balls enough to use an exclamation point! Right on!!


Lucky for us they spend a lot of time in the cantina in this film, and Hey, isn't that bad guy Mike Hacker there in the middle, leaving the joint?

Diabolical and despicable Mike is played by none other than Folksinger Fred Engleberg in his last film performance! Remember Fred? He was the guy singing the song in the TV studio in "The Lost Missle." What a great actor, what happened to that guy?

Hard to find much info on except he recorded a couple of albums for Elektra Records in the 60's! He doesn't seem to want to offer up that much biographical information, because it sure is scarce! Too bad he doesn't perform in this movie!

Our hero Ward Ramsey as Bart Thompson and Kristina Hanson as the lovely and charming Betty Piper relax in the cantina to the soothing sounds of some calypso band nobody bothered to credit!! The rest of the soundtrack is composed by the irrepressible A.I.P. stalwart, Ron Stein!

Probably the best possible idea is to leave the local drunk in charge of the dinosaurs that have been discovered and dragged up on the beach!!

There's a lot of stuff going on in this movie, including this Neanderthal man running around with his comedy act!!

Veteran actor Gregg Martell lends his own particular humour to this film, like this one scene where he's peeping in this lady's window and they scare each other!!

The lady ran out of the house screaming, so the cave man decides to try on some of her clothes! Eegah!! could take this guy easily, I have no doubt!!

This is what happened after he flushed the toilet! This is really some funny stuff!!

Then the movie takes another turn when the Neanderthal man meets the little boy Julio, and they become best buddies!! Life is good!!

Nice compact cel phone, circa 1960!!

I can't believe Kristina only ever did one more film and that was 19 years later, she's so classically classy! Check out that look, as Gregg inspects her!!

The locals all gather for the annual T-Rex BBQ and Rib shindig!

Okay Kids, see how bad smoking can be for you! So Don't do it! Thank-You!! Visual effects by Marcel Delgado!!

Gee Julio, I'm sorry about what happened to your cave man buddy and all, but little dude, look around you, you really ain't got it that bad, so snap out of it!!

I honestly can't believe, out of all the cool footage they shot for this movie, they used the cheapest looking toy shot for the lobby card. Oh, well, nobody's perfect!!


Greg Goodsell said...

What I remember about this was when they showed this on Channel 9's classic "Fright Night," horror host Larry "Seymour" Vincent complained how the caveman was muscling in on his comedy act!

Greg Goodsell said...
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buzz said...

When my youngest brother was born, my Dad took my middle bro and me to see this movie. IIRC, they also ran a trailer for BLACK SUNDAY which I hafta say made even more of an impression on me than DINOSAURUS! I also had the DINOSAURUS comic book and literally read it to pieces.

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