Tuesday, January 6, 2009

THE NEW INVISIBLE MAN / Mexico - 1958 / Music by Antonio Díaz Conde

Tonight Tabonga keep 'new year ball' rolling with Mexico 'New' Invisible Man flick for 1958, the year regular Invisible Man re-invent hisself!

You see they use Invisible Man image in poster and title sequence. Called 'very smart' in low budget city. Tabonga not sure but Tabonga think that 'pose' come from some other flick artwork!!

Every monster' dream!.. Look like he have invisible hand in interesting place!

Music dude Antonio Díaz Conde is Mexican treasure with whopping 267 composing credits from as early as 1942!.. Hell, yeah!!

Okay, hit it!.. HAPPY NEW INVISIBLE YEAR, MAN!! ...'Hic!'

Ana Luisa Peluffo look totally hot as she drive New Invisible Man around... Tabonga bet he always like to play around wif' that 'invisible hand' of his!!

New Invisible Man have wild sense of humor, burn up crook' money and then blow up lil' TV and make ever'bloody run like scared chicken!!

Tabonga just like this shot!.. Make Tabonga thirsty!!

Oh, in the news, had to close down water park here, too many kid gettin' hurt!.. Bad!!

They so cute when they asleep!!

When dude wake up, he say... 'Wha' hoppin'?!'

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prof. grewbeard said...

thanx for the peek into this film's world, i had been curious about it ever since i learned of it's existence...which was about half an hour ago!

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