Tuesday, January 13, 2009

JESSE JAMES MEETS FRANKENSTEIN'S DAUGHTER / Circle Productions - 1966 / Music by Raoul Kraushaar

What in Hell!.. It already Tabonga Tuesday again!!

Welp, get ready for this very odd flick where Hollywood try and tie monster in with cowboy! This originally billed wif' BILLY THE KID vs DRACULA!!

Music maestro Raoul Kraushaar make over 100 composing credit!! Even though he do mainly western, he also work on some monster flick which include: CARUCU, BEAST OF THE AMAZON, THE UNKNOWN TERROR, BACK FROM THE DEAD, THE 30 FOOT BRIDE OF CANDY ROCK, ISLAND OF LOST WOMEN, THE BAMBOO SAUCER...

Here is tonight' offering... COWBOY MONSTER!!

The Frankensteins move to old west and set up shop, great lightning storm out there on rolling plains!! Actually, a pretty clever idea!

Party time in lab!! Hey, color flick, so make electric helmet that really catch viewer eye, why not??!..

Big strong dude Cal Bolder play Hank, Jesse James' partner. Here he is fighting in street for cash.

Jim Davis talking there to Rayford Barnes who play Lonny. Rayford could play biggest weasel in history, serious!

Then, John Lupton play Jesse and Estelita Rodriguez play Jaunita. Hank get shot because Lonny double cross them during robbery. Juanita can only think of one doctor, at Frankenstein' castle!

Narda Onyx play Dr. Maria Frankenstein, she wearing matching helmet to program victim and then be under her control!

Hank get new name Igor, Maria very nostalgic. She have him beat holy crap out of ever'bloody in sight!!

So, Maria decide to take advantage of drugged Jesse while nobloody lookin'...

Then, Igor walk in and get jealous!!

But, Juanita not going for that, so she shoot Igor!.. Or Hank!.. Or Hagor!.. Whatever!!

Hey! Look like we make 100,000 hit tomorrow!!!!

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Monster Music
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