Thursday, January 1, 2009

THE HAUNTED PALACE / AIP - 1963 / Music by Ronald Stein

Well, here is first posting in this new year 2009... Tabonga bring you flick with story by two greats, H. P. Lovecraft and Edgar Allen Poe!! Look at actor lineup... Vincent Price, Debra Paget, Lon Chaney Jr., Leo Gordon, Elisha Cook, Jr., Barboura Morris, Bruno VeSota, Frank Maxwell and more!

Dungeon favorite Ronald Stein back again, this time he makin' some thematic strains! Do Dungeon search on Ron and hear all other many postings he have! WOW!!!.. Okay, so, here is... ONE HAUNTED PALACE!!

Vinnie' relative was bad boy who play around wif' supernatural, so villagers burn him up, and what else, he put big curse on ever,bloody! You see Leo there, he write THE WASP WOMAN!

Back to present, Vinnie and Debra come to live in inherited palace where bad ancestor live. Now, ever'bloody hate them!!.. Whoa!! Bartender Bruno star in DEMENTIA!

Barboura play wife of Leo. Remember, she was hip chick in A BUCKET OF BLOOD.

Result of curse!!

Lon play Vinnie' helper, Simon... A simple dude.

Elisha just not havin' fun! Elisha had great part in HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL!

Here is creepy Lovecraft monster that live in palace hell-hole!

Villagers burn up Vinnie' palace!

He supposed to be exorcised, but Vinnie give you 'the look!'


Anonymous said...

Happy new year!

Greg Goodsell said...

So-so adaptation of "Shadow Over Innsmouth!"

Lacey said...

For some reason I never thought this one was very good. I am a big fan of all the cast and director, it just did not seem to gel in this movie.

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Monster Music
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