Thursday, January 22, 2009

THE MUMMY'S SHROUD / Hammer - 1967 / Music by Don Banks

Tabonga takin' ever'bloody to Egypt for tonight 'mummy' music posting. This is wild little flick from Hammer with great cast as usual and include André Morell, John Phillips, Elizabeth Sellars, Richard Warner and Michael Ripper.

Even though music guy Don Banks have very short career, he compose for some cool movie like NIGHT CREATURES, PANIC, NIGHTMARE, HYSTERIA, DIE, MONSTER, DIE!, THE FROZEN DEAD, THE REPTILE, TORTURE GARDEN and more!!

So, here is... THEME and TOUCH of HORROR!

Okay, so you in Egypt, minding own business in ancient tomb looking for stuff to take back to England to make fortune with... Then dude pop out from behind a brick and yell at you!!.. What kind of mondo we live in?!!

Actually, dude and fortune teller mom is bad guys! They know how to control mummy, so better watch out!!!

Tabonga warn him to watch out, but, he no listen to Tabonga, so, get what he deserve!!

Mummy iz one mean SOB, no kidding! When is last time you see mummy with axe?!.. DAMN!!

Okay, we try everything else, just hold up shroud and see what happen!!..



GONE!!!.. Huh?.. It woiked?!!

Tabonga signing off 'til next Tuesday... Have a happy nightmare, or two!!

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Monster Music
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