Tuesday, January 20, 2009

STRANGER FROM VENUS / Princess Pictures UK - 1954 / Music by Eric Spear

Tonight, Tabonga scrape bottom of barrel for soundclip! Make Eegah! mad too!!! Flick feature Patricia Neal and husband Helmut Dantine. Try and capitalize on wifie be in THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL...

Start wif' UFO over England and make ever'bloody look up at amazing sight as it zoom by and make loud 'humming' noise like never heard on Earth before!!!

Nothing for Kreng here!! People have look like they watching dog take crap on lawn!! Ho hum, must just be stupid comet!!

Music guy Eric Spear make what music you can find! He also do THE VULTURE and DER FALL X701 you can find here at Dungeon!

Buzzz, buzzz, buzz!!.. STRANGE DUDE FROM VENUS!

Patricia listening to radio when UFO come overhead and make her crash into tree!

Okay now, here is super cheap way to create suspense. Don't show face of dude for 10 minute before showing, and make look like something important going on!!

So, they figure out he from Venus an' decide to get dude' fingerprint for posterity. Ha-ha, joke on fingerprint guy!!

"Hey! What you try and pull here?!"

Near end, Mother Ship come, and what else?.. Right, ever'bloody look up!


Weenie end, Helmut get comfy, then hold Patricia' scarf... Camera pan over to pretty lake... So pretty... Pan back to Helmut and just scarf there!.. Stu-pit!!

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Monster Music
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