Saturday, June 8, 2019

PETER GUNN - Episode 01 - "The Kill" (1958)

It is time for another "Saturday Night Smokin' Gun Special" down in Dungeon!
From 1958, it's the first episode of the "Peter Gunn" TV series!

 The theme from the TV series "Peter Gunn" was written by Henry Mancini, and because of it, he won an Emmy and two Grammies. The song has since been recorded by everyone from Duane Eddy to Jimi Hendrix, to The Cramps, to The Art Of Noise, but is Henry Mancini in The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? Hell No! He might not have been a rocker, but he wrote one of the rockinest songs of all time, and after listening to about twenty cool covers, it still doesn't get any better than the original!
This is a song you can never get tired of! It can be played by a surf band or a punk band or a full orchestra, it doesn't matter!
The Cramps - Peter Gunn Theme"

First things first! When a cop rolls up on you like this, it's always better if they are actually policemen!

Because these guys.....

.....Ain't real cops!

The first episode of "Peter Gunn" was titled "The Kill!"
 This 'live' version of "Peter Gunn" by Jeff Beck and company kills it too!

Craig (The Deadly Mantis) Stevens is, was, and will always be, Peter Gunn! Craig was in 114 episodes of "Peter Gunn" from 1958 to 1961!

 By just looking at these pictures, most people would probably believe you if you told them this was a German Krimi movie!

Replete with an iconic band in a club!

Hope (Rock-A-Bye-Baby) Emerson is Mother! She runs a clean joint!

Lola Albright was not only Edie Hart, Peter Gunn's main squeeze, she was also actually a singer in real life!

Put "Ville" on the back of almost any word, and it automatically makes it cooler!
"Dreamsville" also featured Hank Mancini and orchestra.

Lovely Lola spent most of her life acting on various TV shows, but one movie of note she was in was "The Monolith Monsters," and she was also in "Kid Galahad" with Elvis.

"Peter Gunn" is a very atmospheric show.

Of course their relationship is challenged!

Elite if you're a gangster!

When Mother won't pay the mobsters, the dirty bastards bomb her club!

Peter Gunn is through messing around with these thugs! 
Blowing up Mother's club was the last straw!

If you like hot chicks, cool jazz, and blazing guns, you'll love "Peter Gunn."
It's just that simple!

"Peter Gunn" was written by Blake Edwards.
 Yep, the same Blake Edwards responsible for "The Pink Panther!"
Blake Edwards also created such thrilling shows as "Dante," "Richard Diamond, Private Detective," and "Mr. Lucky!" It all came to a halt in 2010 when Blake passed away at the age of 88, but what an amazing legacy he left behind!


B McMolo said...

Genuine lol on this end for "Elite if you're a gangster!" Well-captioned.

I put this series on for background whenever I have any kind of chore to do. (This and "Thriller" - I don't know how they ended up as go-tos for chore background but it's been working for me.) The music is perfect. I always end up pausing to watch stretches of it and then the chores take longer. Definitely underappreciated - great review.

EEGAH!! said...

Thanx! Great story B Mc. I might try that myself, since I want to watch them all but don't have the time. Awesome way to do two things at once, and the perfect show to do it to!

Grant said...

I've always liked Lola Albright in a very "steamy" episode of THE ALFRED HITCHCOCK HOUR called "Misadventure."
Also as the victim in the William Shatner episode of COLUMBO called "Fade Into Murder." His character was a TV star, and her character was his agent, his ex-girlfriend and his blackmailer all rolled into one!

EEGAH!! said...

Thanx for the tip Grant. I've probably got that Alfred Hitchcock episode and don't even know it.

EEGAH!! said...

I've got the whole series of the Alfred Hitchcock Hour, and for some reason, that one episode is missing. I would never have noticed until you said something. Luckily, I went to YouTube, and they had it, and I converted it to an AVI and now I'm in business. Thanks again!

Grant said...

I'm glad I was able to be helpful with it.

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