Friday, August 2, 2019

THE GHOST / The Black Sign Of Death Is On This House! - 1963

Here we go with another twisted Euro horror flick, this time from 1963. The story goes like this... A woman and her lover murder her husband. Soon thereafter though, strange things start happening, and they wonder if they really killed him, or, if he has returned from the dead to haunt them.

It stars Barbara (TERROR-CREATURES FROM THE GRAVE) Steele, Peter (I MARRIED A MONSTER FROM OUTER SPACE) Baldwin, Elio (SAMSON IN KING SOLOMON'S MINES) Jotta, Harriet (THE HORRIBLE DR. HITCHCOCK) Medin, Carol (only acting credit) Bennet and Carlo (THE WILD, WILD PLANET) Kechler.

Old Dr. Hitchcock is sick, his personal physician pays regular visits to tend to him. But, he has suspicions that wifey is up to no good with the visiting doctor, and tells her...

Handsome Dr. Charles Livingstone's definitely there for the bonus points! In fact, the two are madly in love and come up with a plan to get rid of the old fart.

As Margaret shaves her husband, she day dreams about slitting his throat!

The medical mumbo jumbo is complicated and I have no desire in trying to 'splain it, watch the movie. Anyway, they poison him and he's pronounced dead...

The housekeeper, Mrs. Wood, tells Margaret that the key to the vault (where the family jewels are located) may be hidden in the house somewhere. After the key cannot be located, she tells them that the key may be in the jacket of Dr. Hitchcock, so, they go to his tomb, open the coffin and find the key on him.

As they are ready to open the vault, Mrs. Wood calls for Margaret, so, she goes downstairs to talk with the housekeeper. When she goes back to Charles, he claims that there were no jewels in the vault! Margaret goes banana split bonkers over the revelation!

Then, guess who shows up?.. Old gruesome! Is he still alive, or, is he a... GH, GH, GHOST?!

Still treasure hunting, Margaret goes back to the tomb and pushes the coffin over on its top, then uncovers a hidden chest. When she opens it, it stabs her hand before she discovers that it only has a freakin' skull inside!

Then it happens, Charles wants to leave! Everything is going to Hell in a hand basket (what's a hand basket?) and he wants out, like, see you later toots! His suitcase spills onto the ground, revealing the goddamn jewels!! Remember, he claimed that the vault was empty. Maragret sees a razor amongst the jewelry, and grabs it!

And, the thief is cut to shreds before she drags him wrapped in a rug to the tomb and sets him on fire! Another story of true love gone awry...

The for real Dr. Hitchcock shows up, it was just a ruse of course. When a person has this look, you know that they have something especially evil and sadistic in mind!

For remaining loyal to him, he empties his revolver into the housekeeper's back as she walks away to do another task!..

By mistake, Hitchcock swallows a poisoned drink. Margaret, now in a wheelchair, offers to give him the antidote...

Then, drops it on the floor! Margaret gets the last word! Tune in tomorrow when we're back with more dusty old Dungeon Cargo!..

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