Wednesday, June 21, 2017

KOMMISSAR X - DREI GOLDENE SCHLANGEN - "Three Golden Serpents" (1969)

I thought I had done all the Kommissar X movies, but once again, I was wrong! We have a hard time keeping up with what we've done, and with all the foreign titles released with three or four different titles, it gets to be a bit of a fustercluck at times! 

 I do know we've done the Kommissar X film "So Darling, So Deadly" from 1966, and we've done "Kiss Kiss.. Kill Kill" also from 1966, but tonight, from 1969, I'm here to present:
"Three Golden Serpents!!!"

Here are our heroes once again, Tony Kendall as Joe Walker, aka Kommissar X.....

...............and Bad Brad Harris as Captain Tom Rowland!!

Filmed in Thailand, "Three Golden Serpents" is really a wonder to behold at times!

 The basic story is that these two guys are pissed because they missed the free semen at The Rolling Stones concert the week before!

Pretty discreet! You'd never know this guy was watching someone!!

"Three Golden Serpents" is a film about poisons of all kinds, mostly used for nefarious reasons!

This movie is just filled with weird shots like this!

Everything seems real cozy in Thailand! Kommissar X smokes about 50 packs of cigarettes in about an hour and a half!

 No, believe it or not, this isn't from a Spongebob cartoon!

Another interesting shot setting up a mediocre fight scene!

"The Three Golden Serpents" is a rat gang that kidnaps girls and takes them to this secluded island some 210 miles off the coast, then they shuttle the drugged johns over in a boat for a fun filled night of wild and crazy sex!!

Wow, I love both these signs!

Supposedly the song performed is sung by Angela Monti, and I honestly don't know if this is her or not, but it's a pretty good song, as is all the music in the film!

You don't want to find yourself in this predicament! You think you're going to have sex, and instead they drug you and turn you into a zombie, and this guy shows up in your room! Joe Walker should really know better than to get himself into messes like this, but he lets his other little head do a lot of his thinking for him, and this is how it works out!

 Brad and Tony looking pretty dapper like they're on their way to the Nevada Boxing Hall Of Fame 2017 induction ceremonies!!

Confusing? You bet!!

So this is something I didn't know about, it seems that in Thailand they have low tides that leave large fields of mud that if they need to cross, they use these little paddle boards that allow them to scoot along the top of the mud! The less fortunate have to try and trek through it on foot!  Pretty weird! For me, I'm going to paddle off now and see Alice Cooper in concert! If I survive, then I'll be back on Saturday with something special!

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