Wednesday, June 14, 2017

DE NACHTMERRIE - Joop Geesinw's - "The Nightmare" (19??)

 Tonight's WTF!?! Wednesday in The Dungeon is just that!
I mean like, WTF!?! I thought this was a cartoon, but it turns out that it's an advertisement, but I'm pretty sure this is the first ad I've ever seen with a title card!

 Good luck finding out anything about this version of "De Nachtmerrie," and I don't even remember how I ended up with it!

 Do a Google search for "De Nachtmerrie" and you'll probably end up some place cool like:
This Less Than Normaal Place! 

 Now suddenly I'm a big Normaal fan!
Here's their cover of the classic Lovin' Spoonful song,
"Summer In The City!" 

 So this cat is sleeping and has a nightmare about a pirate with a mirror that tells him.........

 ................He needs a good shave!!!!

 In his nightmare he's transported to this pirate ship, and a very unorthodox barber!
I could say a lot right about now, but just like this customer, I'm choosing to be mute instead!

 You're next buddy boy!!!

 The barber takes a mighty swing.....................

 .............And a miss!!!

 What a freakin' Psycho! What a Nightmare!!

 And he wakes up in a panic until he realizes it was just a dream, and he's safe and sound and will never have to worry about such things, because.........

 ..........He has a groovy new electric razor!!!

And not just any electric razor, it's the latest and the greatest,
PHILIPS "PhilipShave!" So, what do you think about that? WTF!?! or not! I say
Hell Yeah and then some!! What a sales pitch!!

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Anonymous said...

This looks uber-coool! :D

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