Monday, June 19, 2017

GAMERA 3 THE REVENGE OF IRIS / Daiei Studios - 1999

It's Gamera Time!! This is the final installment of the recent Gamera trilogy, the story goes like this... Schoolgirl Ayana discovers a large egg in a cave, that according to a legend, houses demons! The egg hatches into a small monster, which Ayana decides to raise and she quickly develops a psychic bond with it. As the monster, named Iris, grows to adulthood, our flying turtle hero, Gamera, begins to take an interest in this new potential threat.

Lumbering Gamera is tracking down Gayos to start the show, and Japan is paying the price!!

Here are two amazing shots of destruction! The top still shows people being flung into the air... WOW! Then, the second still has a flaming boulder rolling over a crowd... YOW!!

Iris hits the scene and the Army has no clue as to how they're going to stop the damn thing.

This is a beautiful shot of the ever transforming Iris from the rear as it flies through the air on its journey to set up camp in a Japanese city.

There's nothing but turmoil in the city after Iris makes its landing.

Here's a wild 'n' weird scene that has Iris attacking the city after his presence there causes extreme thunder storms!

Gamera plummets back to Earth after spending some time in space recovering from injuries obtained during his last battle with Iris, causing the whole area to catch fire after a mighty explosion! You can see Iris burning there in the bottom pic.

To me, this is the definition of sureal. Its a shot of a water puddle after an extreme storm!

And, speaking of surreal, just check out these three shots and the surrealistic beauty of the destruction going on there!

Anyway, Gamera rips the guts out of the dead Iris after an epic battle... Yuck!!

And, since this is the last episode of the trilogy, Gamera goes to the land of fire to die!! Go figure... We're back again with Wacky Wednesday, so, be there, or be a parallelogram!

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