Friday, June 2, 2017

POPEYE THE SAILOR In "Ghosks Is The Bunk" / Fleischer Studios - 1939

Time for a Popeye cartoon, here's a great little episode that goes like this... Olive reads a ghost story to Popeye and Bluto, Popeye gets scared so Bluto leaves Olive's house and rigs a haunted hotel. Bluto lures them there with a phone call and has a bunch of creepy surprises set up and ready to go.

Olive, Popeye and Bluto are having a quiet evening at home, Olive reads ghost stories to the boys and at one scary part, Popeye ducks under the couch! Olive and Bluto can't stop laughing at the silly sailor, so, Bluto comes up with a wild idea.

He grabs his box of tricks and heads off to a haunted hotel!..

After Bluto gets everything set up, he calls Olive's house and leaves a dire message and tells them to hurry over to the haunted place.

After Popeye fails to push the door open, he gets a running start, and of course, the door opens and he crashes into a desk and gets his head stuck! Then, Olive comes in, the door slams shut and she tries to open it to no avail.

Bluto has an invisible bell hop rigged up, he puts a rock in the glove and whacks Popeye a goodern after he takes a swing at the thing!!

There's the old escalator stairs that flatten out, so, Popeye and Olive slide down to the bottom after trying like Hell to get to the top!

Popeye and Olive hear some laughing and discover Bluto behind the stairs, pulling his tricks. Then, Popeye pulls the same trick on Bluto, who then gets creeped out himself!

Popeye spots a bucket of invisible paint and gets a swell idea!...

Bluto thinks a ghost is after him, he grabs the invisible fighter and slams him to the ground.

Popeye pulls out his trusty can of spinach and sends Bluto home with his tail between his legs!

Popeye grabs some paint remover and douses himself, becoming visible. Olive plays a trick by hitting him while she's still invisible, but, Popeye smacks her good and after he uses the paint remover on her, she chases him home! Tomorrow is Saturday, look for something special, over!


Dr. Theda said...

We still enjoy these old cartoons... a great weekend to you guys...
and Hello from Marshville...

TABONGA! said...

Hi Doc - You know it, a good old Popeye cartoon always hits the spot, thanks for checking in yet again...

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