Monday, June 26, 2017

BRIDE OF RE-ANIMATOR / Re-Animator II Productions - 1989

Here's part two of the whacked out 'Re-Animator' saga, this time, Dr. Herbert West, Dr. Dan Cain and assistant Francesca Danelli are medical volunteers in a civil war in Peru and are researching how to create human life from dead tissue using wounded soldiers as guinea pigs! At the Miskatonic Hospital, Dr. Cain is treating a terminal patient, Gloria, and becomes obsessed with her, even though he and Francesca are lovers. When the snoopy Lt. Chapham investigates events that occurred at the the Miskatonic Hospital, he learns that body parts are missing from the morgue, and, Herbert and Dan become the prime suspects.

This totally crazy flick from Hell stars Jeffrey (ROBOT JOX) Combs as Dr. West, Bruce (THE LAST STARFIGHTER) Abbott as Dr. Cain, Claude Earl (SHE FREAK) Jones as Lt. Chapham, Fabiana (ROBOCOP 2) Udenio as Francesca, David (SYNGENOR) Gale as Dr. Hill and Kathleen (HALLOWEEN 4) Kinmont as Gloria.

Dr. Cain needs a breather, Dr. West is completely consumed with his insane experiments and is wearing his lab partner out... Come on, man!!

When Lt. Chapham shows up at the home of the doctors, he asks lots of weird questions... At the same time, Dr. West has to try and recover one of his little experiments that got loose before they get their asses busted!

There's a happy place with lots of calming clouds for the totally insane at the hospital, nice!

This is a funny part when Dr. West attaches an arm to a leg. The damn thing kicks and strangles him and he's barely able to put it in a garbage bag before ending all the fun!

Lt. Chapham is back. He discovers the mad lab and is ready to bust the boys, but, Dr. West deep sixes him and shoots him up with the glowing green serum. West is overpowered and the crazy cop escapes into the night!

In the meantime, the boys take the dead body of Gloria from the hospital back to the lab with the idea of bringing her back to life with their serum!

In a twisted scene, Lt. Chapham, now under the power of the head of Dr. Hill, takes the head and forces a doctor to perform surgery on it. What the Hell's going on here?!

The crazies show up at the boy's place. Chapham shows his badge and Francesca is attacked!

Down in the lab, Gloria is now re-animated and bonds with Dr. Cain. When Francesca enters the lab, her and Gloria get into a cat fight for the man they both love.

The old brick building is falling apart, and a bunch of blundered experiments escape from their imprisonment and start causing even more problems for the boys!

Lt. Chapham takes down Dr. West just before the stone ceiling comes tumbling down!!..

Dr. Hill joins in, he now has bat wings grafted to his head so that he can now fly around and bug people! Well, the butt head Bathead also falls victim to the cave in...

Dr. Cain digs his way out of the collapsed building, crawls through a hole in the ground in the graveyard and saves Francesca from a fate worse than death!.. Check in again Wednesday for more, from... The Dungeon!

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Monster Music
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