Friday, June 16, 2017

LAW OF THE JUNGLE / Monogram Pictures - 1942

Here we go... Our story goes like this... Nona Brooks, a former member of a stranded theatrical troupe, earns a temporary living singing at a cafe in British Rhodesia, Africa. The owner of the cafe is secretly in league with two foreign agents with the goal of making the natives restless, so, Nona escapes from the cafe into the jungle but is followed by the agents, and, unknown to her, she's carrying a report of the agent's activities. American explorer Larry Mason is in the jungle with his servant, Jeff, and Nona joins them on their safari.

Flick stars Arline (Mrs. Hotchkiss in THE CRAWLING HAND) Judge as Nona, John 'Dusty' (HAUNTED RANCH) King as Larry and Dungeon Hero Mantan (KING OF THE ZOMBIES, REVENGE OF THE ZOMBIES, SPIDER BABY) Moreland as Jeff.

Of course, Jeff shows the natives how to roll the dice and win a new pair of shoes!

Love this shot of the two foreign agents at the cafe as they receive info from the owner about creating unrest among the natives.

Nona is not having a good time as she roams through the jungle! Fortunately, she meets up with Larry and Jeff at their camp and they agree to let her join the safari.

The unrest pays off and the safari (top still) is attacked by head hunters (bottom still). It's hard to make out the turmoil, but, some interesting shots.

Larry, Nona and Jeff run like Hell and find a cave to hide in. There, they find a human skull!

Jeff decides to take a nap, and, he's having a pleasant dream until he wakes up from a push by a big old ape! This shot is for Eegah!! because of his love for simians, we used to let his squirrel monkey loose and run wild in the house when his parents were at work. I do believe his name was Scratch...

Unfortunately, in this flick, the ape gets filled full of lead and dies just before getting his furry paws on our gang, phew!!

The gang is captured by local natives and Jeff is singled out to marry the boss'es beautiful daughter! Jeff doesn't look that happy about the proposal...

Here he is in his wedding garb, talking to the very cool leader of the tribe.

Then, Larry knocks the crap out of one of the foreign agents and the mystery of who's responsible for the native unrest is solved!

So, the gang is free to leave, but, the blushing bride still wants to wed Jeff. What else, Jeff runs away and is chased by her as we bring our little tale to an end. We'll see you again tomorrow when Eegah!! does his thang, here, at The Dungeon!!


Larry Scheflin said...

Just a bit of trivia: John King starred as Ace Drummond in the serial of the same name. It's one of my personal favorites.

TABONGA! said...

Yo Larry, I found Ace Drummond in my Classic Serials Megapack, I will check it out... Thanks for checking in -

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