Friday, June 9, 2017

SANTO vs. LAS LOBAS / Producciones Jiménez Pons Hermanos - 1976

Time to check out this Mexican flick... When the fearsome Luba, Queen of the Werewolves, menaces a small Mexican town, local bigwig Cesar Harker realizes that the only hope for them is to call the heroic wrestler, Santo. His reasoning is that werewolves are vulnerable to silver, and guess what, Santo’s mask is silver!! Santo teams up with a band of local allies to stop a werewolf world domination plot.

Everything starts with Luba, the Werewolf Queen, setting the table for what's to come...

Santo shows off his wrasslin' chops as he destroys yet another tough opponent.

Santo gets the call to come and help out against the werewolf infestation. Wow, that's one cool shot of our hero on the phone!

Back at the ranch, the Werewolf King is brought back from the land of the dead. There's a big celebration at the old giant tree for the wolf pack. Reminds me of a tree I saw in Maui a few years back.

A great portrait of our hero as he closes in on the werewolves' lair.

Locals are having a difficult time getting home when the werewolves line the dirt roads and attack anyone using that route. They also throw rocks and fling burning balls at them!

The werewolves try to herd the car into a burning area, but luckily, the mom and daughter barely make their escape before falling victim to the crazies!.. Phew!!

Now, the male werewolves are ready to make a statement... Grrrr!

Back in town, Luba tries to infect two women but Santo pops in to wrassle the deadly queen, and it happens...

She goes down for the count!!

Santo then runs down the Werewolf King and tosses him off a cliff, bringing our little story to an end. All we want to know now is, what will Eegah!! have for us tomorrow?! Tune in for the answer!!

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