Friday, June 30, 2017

SANTO vs. EL ESPECTRO DEL ESTRANGULADOR / Cinematográfica Norte, Estudios América - 1966

I'll end the month with this fun Santo flick, this follow up story starts with the recovery of the body of the Strangler, who had died at the hands of the police at the conclusion of the first film. The disfigured killer is taken to the city morgue, and, reading of the killer's death in the newspaper, Tor, the Strangler's assistant, heads for the morgue to take back his master's body. It seems though, the Strangler isn't actually dead!.. After being revived at his hideout, the Strangler vows revenge. There are shades of the PHANTOM OF THE OPERA going on, the Strangler is facially scarred, spends his free time playing his pipe organ and hangs out at the Opera House...

Tor has recovered the Strangler from the morgue and takes him to their hideout, there, the presumed dead maniac bounces back and plays his evil heart out on his creepy sounding organ!

It's Tor's job to sculpt the masks to be worn by the Strangler. Tor reminds me of the Charles Bronson character in HOUSE OF WAX starring Vincent Price from 1953.

Santo gets captured by the Strangler's goons and is put under a pile driver! Don't worry though, our hero escapes this infernal device by the skin of his ass!

Great shot of the Strangler as his ascends a ladder in the stinky old sewer system, it's how him and Tor get around without being seen!

Wow, Santo had some great crime labs in his early films, this is probably the best one!

Our hero tracks down the villains in the cemetery, and after battling it out, Santo is freakin' buried alive!! After pushing up on the earth above him, he barely escapes the death trap!

The Strangler's a tricky dude, he has a mask made from a detective in order to infiltrate the Opera House, where he has an evil plan he wants to implement...

The plan is to cut the rope holding the chandelier up and have it drop on the main opera star while she performs! Luckily enough, his aim is off and it misses her by a few feet!

This is insane! The Strangler kidnaps Santo's little crime buddy and beats the crap out of him!

Santo's having some problems getting to the Strangler in his hideout, so, he's forced to play Superman and bend some iron bars to get to the crazy killer!.. Damn!!

But, the Strangler is a really tough dude and brings it on! He knocks a huge metal whatchacallit over onto our downed hero and it looks like he's out for the count...

Luckily, the place catches fire and the Strangler actually dies in the flames... Hooray!!.. Hey, Dude punched a kid!.. More than once!!

Anyway, Santo makes with a twenty-three skidoo and heads for the exit, his little buddy is waiting for him in the car, making for a happy ending! Eegah!! starts off a new month for us tomorrow, so's, check it aus!!

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