Saturday, November 21, 2009

SANTO vs BLACK MAGIC / Mexico - 1973

Hello everbloody, finally, today, we, the Dungeon gang, bring you extra special Santo flick, film mostly in Haiti! to get realistic voodoo feel... Santo end up with 54 acting credit, first one being SANTO vs THE EVIL BRAIN in 1961, last one "el Puño de la Muerte" in 1982.

Dungeon composer god with 322 composing credit, Gustavo César Carrión, kickin' ass today with heavy pounding guitar theme!! Oh, and, other assorted musical amenities...

Now, the show start rolling as it be Ralphie the Tarantula' turn to be pushin' big old red 'GO' button wunst again, sooooo!.. GO, MAN!!.. BLACK MAGIC MUSIC!

Stills a little blurry, but, not bad for this rare flick!

Bellamira (Sasha Montenegro) is bad lady voodoo preistess, she look so innocent!

She is interested in local Prof. Jordan' super bomb formula and look into magic pool to see that Santo being called into action by Interpol!

Santo arrive in Haiti and is pick up by friend.

They have flat tire in jungle and when Santo turn around!..

He notice they surrounded by big ugly zombies!

What Tabonga can say?.. "Rumble in the jungle!"

Later, Santo has sneaky visit in middle of the night by dubious looking dude! Nice shot of hotel.

Willie Makit??!..

Bellamira entertain the troop as she wheel an' deal for super bomb plan she plan on getting from professor!

Time for a floor show as Santo is looking so very distinguished in white suit!

On other side of the tracks, Bellamira also having a lil' show of her own!!

Professor Jordan die mysteriously, Santo get to help identify body.

Professor Jordan is now zombie and come back to haunt daughter Lorna, who just happen to be Santo' gurlfiend!

Even when on deadly case, there always is time for wrassling!!! Whenever Santo' opponent start cheating, they get it back in spades!

...Phew! Break time!!

Square in the voodoo zone!


The kids in Bristol, are sharp as a pistol, when they do the Bristol Stomp!!

Love deez night time shots!

They take their voodoo serious in Haiti!

Help!.. Somebody?!..

There's a freakin' kid's chair stuck to my ass!.. What the fuck!!

***Here is pic where you can make up funny caption and submit in the 'comments' section below!!.. Have fun!

To settle thing once and for all, Bellamira and Santo both put hand in basket with snake inside and both get bit... But, Santo' nobility prevail, and, Bellamira fall dead!.. Game over.

Even on his way out of town, Santo have to prove he tougher than a pile of zombie!!


prof. grewbeard said...

this is an awesome movie with great local color, one of my favorite Santo films and Sasha Montenegro is HOTT!...

i can't beat "There's a freakin' kid's chair stuck to my ass!.. What the fuck!!", sorry...

Shonen King said...

That soundtrack kicks all kinds of ass. I am a Zumbie. Wait a minute I ain't no Zumbie

Christopher said...

I've seen Sasha Montenegro a few times recently on the latin soaps,playing villians...she can be pretty scary!

Lui said...

I have been looking for this movie for Years. Any idea how I can get my hand on a copy?

RODAN! said...

Lui, you can get a copy at - in the Mexican movie section!

buzz said...

Blurry Santo is better than no Santo at all! Thanx!

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