Friday, November 13, 2009

GOLIATH AND THE DRAGON - Les Baxter - "It's All About The Broads" (1960)

Since today is like a special holiday to us, being Friday the 13th, we have a special presentation for you from 1960 called "Goliath And The Dragon", and it is fine lookin' man, it's something else!!

As much as we love them, after a couple of night's of black and white films, it's always a nice change to see some colour again, and we're not just talkin' plain old color here, we're talkin' "Colorscope" kids, and you should have seen what I seen before I desaturated these photos!!

"Goliath And The Dragon" is a movie about that one actor near and dear to everybody's heart, the one and only, Mr."Highway Patrol" himself, Broderick Crawford as the evil and world domineering Re Eurito!! Can I hear one big collective Hell Yeah!! out there please?

And in the other corner, it's the 12 time champion of the sword and sandal world, playing GOLIATH in this film, and also known for his many recurring titles as Hercules and/or Maciste, it's MARK FOREST!!!

Goliath's got his work cut out for him. Before this, it was the three headed dog, and now, it's like those gargoyle monkeys from "The Wizard Of Oz" grew up, and are really pissed off!!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Broderick's got all the chow, booze, and dancing girls while Mark is....

off fighting a giant black bear this time; is there no end to this man's personal Hells??

My buddy Whitey Thomas used to be a good drinkin' buddy of Broderick Crawford, and he told me, they'd be out drinkin' in some Hollywood bar, and Broderick would get the fun idea of having a pretend fight! So, that's just what they would do, start actin', throwin' blows, for real, in public!!

Broderick Re Eurito has got one of the better to look at snake pits I've ever seen. It's very well constructed, but they really could have used a few more snakes, i.e. Indy Jones style!!

And now, ladies and gentlemen, after some 858 posts, Dwrayger Dungeon is proud to finally present, THE worst mullet ever in a movie...

and if that's not bad enough for you, it's on a horny minotaur! It's almost impossible to figure out how Kenny Loggins could have gone back so far in time, but, that IS the magic of the movies!!!

I'm just a sucker for women in chains!! Oh, don't worry, Goliath will save her!!

You might have noticed they mentioned a dragon in the title, so, finally, after the 3 headed dog, the giant flying gargoyle monkey, the bear, and a host of other terrors, Goliath finally meets up with THE dragon!!

It's a real hack and slash affair all right, but you know, in the end....

...truth and justice will always prevail, and there will be a God damn happy ending, or some other spawn of the devil, is going to have to get their ass kicked!!


Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

That was fun! Good review.

That mullet made me gasp - there should have been a warning at the top of the post....Mullet Alert! LOL! :D


Prof. Grewbeard said...

did you hear the one about the Minotaur who walked into a bar and said, "Hey! check out my Mullet!"...

KW said...

haha! I forgive that mullet. he was going for a centaur mane.

buzz said...

The few brief stop motion dragon shots were done by Jim Danforth, who also did JACK THE GIANT KILLER and WHEN DINOSAURS RULED THE EARTH.

Anonymous said...

Some Maciste movies were shown in the USA with the hero's name (and the title) changed to Hercules, Samson, or Goliath. Some were shown under the "Sons of Hercules" umbrella title. But "Goliath and the Dragon" was originally a Hercules movie, "The Revenge (or Vengeance) of Hercules." Some of the set pieces in the movie (the battle with the three-headed dog in the underworld, the centaur trying to abduct the heroine) are actually based on stories about Hercules in ancient mythology. I don't know why the name was changed. Maybe some sort of glitch with the trademark or copyright.

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