Wednesday, November 11, 2009

THE VAMPIRE BAT / Majestic Pictures - 1933

Welcome to Wednesday B & W Oldie Feature, today we gots THE VAMPIRE BAT from Majestic Pictures, who capitalize on names Fay (KING KONG) Wray and Lionel (DOCTOR X) Atwill in this wild little thriller that also star Melvyn (THE OLD DARK HOUSE) Douglas and Dwight (DRACULA) Frye!

Uncredited stock music by Mischa Bakaleinikoff and Charles Dunworth and is typical for 1930's. Eegah!! make another nice soundclip to get feel of this very decent flick from 1933!

Ralphie the Tarantula has honor today of push big red 'GO' button to start show, so, here we go!.. DER VAMPIRE BAT!

German town of Kleinschloss having big problem, very strange, villager dying of blood loss!

Burgermeister Schoen read all about vampire from Big Book of Monsters!!

Everbloody 'cept detective Karl Brettschneider think that vampire have made comeback and is only possible reason for deaths.

Karl take a break and go downstairs to visit gurlfiend Ruth Bertin, who work for Dr. Otto von Niemann in his mad lab. Look like some kind of chemistry experiment going on!!

Dr. von Niemann pretend to be nice guy, but he actually need sick lady for twisted experiment he working on!

After he use lady for evil purpose, he tell everbloody that she die from vampire bite!

Here is excellent pic of Herman (Dwight) as he spy on Ruth in garden.

Then Karl show up and ruin Herman' fun.

So, he have some fun wif' Aunt Gussie instead! Oh boy, fresh fruit!!

After Aunt Gussie die of vampire wound, Herman get blamed because he like bats, he must be vampire who terrorizing village! When angry people chase Herman, he slip and fall to death! Now, village can get back to normal!! (poor Herman!)

Okay, here the deal... Dr. von Niemann create new form of life (WOW!) in fish tank and, well, it get hungry!

That why he drain blood from victim, to feed infernal thing! He have attachment to poke hole in neck so he can pump blood into glass beaker!

Ruth overhear doctor while he hypnotize helper Emil to get more body, so doctor have little surprise for her.

She next!!

After beans get spilled, Dr. von Niemann try to blame helper Emil for everything, so Emil dish out a lil' revenge on evil doc and save the day!

Always great when housemaid get last word!!


Matthew Coniam said...

Top stuff! You make me need to see this again. I always like films where what you think is the monster at the end is really the hero dressed up. And obviously the lumpy lifeform in the tank is a winner. And science has now proved that Fay Wray can do no wrong, as I always supposed.

Gary Wray said...

Yay, Fay!!

Prof. Grewbeard said...

this is a great film and FAY WRAY IS HOTT!!!...

Christopher said...

THis used to get run constantly back when I was in High School..haven't seen it in ages..Dwight Fry turns in another great Renfield type performance..always creeped me out that they drove a stake thru his heart!
The stock music they use in this is some of my favorite stuff..turns up in alot of grand national B-westerns..

Monster Music

Monster Music
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