Thursday, November 26, 2009

LA CASA SPERDUTA NEL PARCO - Riz Ortolani "House On The Edge Of The Park" (1980)

Here's kinda like a little holiday special for you, cranky Dungeon style!

This one's for The Z! Since it's kind of superfluous to talk about films that are turkeys on a day like this, instead you can feast on what I think was the worst film I have seen over the last couple of years since we started this blog! No trimmings! It's not a turkey per se, because even turkeys have redeeming qualities of some moronic bad taste! Not this film, it's just a real piece of crap, and a waste of time, so much, that I had actually chosen not to write about it at all, but I changed my mind so you could enjoy the best one minute and 13 seconds of the whole movie right HERE, and even that is pushing it!

Tomorrow night we're going to go back to 1956 when they really knew how to make movies that were gobblers! Until then..........


TABONGA! said...


zillagord said...

This for which I am thankful:
Bad horror flicks.
Good horror flicks.
This wonderful blog.

Thanks bro. Happy T-day!

Anonymous said...

If you think House on the Edge of the Park is Crap, you don't understand exploitation films. Instead of taking a moronic and facile "It's cool, it sucked" approach, you might want to consider saying something thoughtful about the films you cover.

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

I think if you took the time to read any of the other 900+ posts, you would find that 99.9% of them are positive!

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