Wednesday, November 18, 2009

THE MAD MONSTER / Producers Releasing Corporation - 1942

Welcome everbloody, to Wednesday B+W Oldie/Moldie Flicktime here at the Dungeon! THE MAD MONSTER wuz director Sam Newfield' 108th assignment and he finish with 272 including title like AUNTIE'S ANTE, A GYM DANDY, MAGIC, BUSTER'S SPOOKS, PEEK-A-BOO, GHOST PATROL, THE TERROR OF TINY TOWN, HITLER - BEAST OF BERLIN, THE INVISIBLE KILLER, DEAD MEN WALK, THE BLACK RAVEN, NABONGA (love that name!), FIGHT THAT GHOST, THE FLYING SERPENT, GAS HOUSE KIDS, WILD WEED, RADAR SECRET SERVICE, LOST CONTINENT (1951) and even 12 episode of RAMAR OF THE JUNGLE for TV!

"The blood of a wolf he placed in the veins of a man... and created a monster such as the world has never known!" reads the tagline... THE WOLFMAN came out only a year earlier!

Today' soundclip feature original music by Russian born David Chudnow, who retire in 1956, and die in 2002??! This the kind of music meant to jar and shock as you will hear once Piff push big old red 'GO' button, because today it his turn!.. THE MAD MONSTER!

George Zucco play Dr. Lorenzo Cameron. Now, here is real 'mad' scientist to be sure!!

Sadistic bastard like to give shots of wolf blood to Dungeon pal, Glenn Strange!

Glenn play Petro, he get all change into snarling werewolf by doc. Tabonga love Glenn' flour sack shirt!!

Dr. Cameron like to have imaginary pal he hate come and debate crazy theories he have inside his head! (Glenn Beck!)

Petro like to pick flower for doctor' daughter, Lenora (Anne Nagel).

When people getting old, sometime eyeball play trick on self!!

Doc never stop coming up wif' devilish plan for revenge!

This time, he take Petro to guy he want dead and then leave. Guy is supposed to try and figure out what wrong with Petro in upstairs department!

Slick dirty trick! Doc know that Petro starting to turn into werewolf unpredictably now... So, it just a matter of time!

Another revenge plan by doc is for this dude to drive Petro somewhere on foggy night!

Curiosity kill the daughter!

Poetic justice... Doc create monster, monster turn on doc!!

Great part as Petro give Dr. Cameron well-deserved strangling!

Again, fire disinfect everything an' everbloody can get good night sleep!.. Well, except doc an' Petro!


prof. grewbeard said...

"Doc never stop coming up wif' devilish plan for revenge!"- not while wearing the Phantom Eyepatch, he doesn't...

i swear, you guys are about the only thing that can consistently cheer me up anymore...

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

Well, Hell, at least we got one reason to exist!!!

Christopher said...

the love child of Lil' Abner and Don King...PRC brooklyn hillbillies

Monster Music

Monster Music
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