Monday, November 30, 2009

CHILLER - Dana Kaproff - "Baby, It's Cold Inside" (1985)

Well, I've put this one off long enough, but since it's getting close to X-Mas, I guess it's finally time to get it out of my system, permanently! The title is "CHILLER" and quite frankly, Wes Craven or not, this movie left me cold!!

I'll tell you one thing for sure, IF you are nuts enough to let a bunch of scientist/doctors freeze your ass, then you are probably already crazy, and being frozen doesn't really help out the situation much!

Bottom line, they freeze you, and if you get even the smallest amount of freezer burn, you wake up extra pissed off.............

AND extremely horny!!!

By the way, nice use of hot and cold, my film instructor would be proud!

Michael Beck or 'Swan' from "The Warriors" here as frozen freak Miles Creighton went on to do a lot of TV work including 30 episodes of "Houston Nights" as Sgt. Levon Lundy and 3 episodes of "Robin's Hoods" as Detective Stephen DeCosta, despite having this film on his résumé!

The music by Dana Kaproff ain't exactly anything to scream about, but as you can see, they had vision!!!!!

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MrJeffery said...

Your blog amazes.

Dana also did the faboo score for Empire of the Ants :)

Monster Music

Monster Music
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