Saturday, November 7, 2009

DEEP RED / Italy - 1975

So, here we are on another Tabonga Saturday Matinee, today we feature wild little thriller from Dario Argento with music by Goblin. David Hemmings play as English pianist Marcus Daly. He witness murder of famous German psychic while staying in Italy. Him and hot gurl reporter try to solve mystery and go to haunted house and other spooky place! Excellent story is by Dario and Bernardino Zapponi. Original Italian name is PROFONDO ROSSO...

Mensch! Eegah give us really nice soundclip here, great music by Goblin gang sound like Guzanos!! A few other flick Goblin work on are: THE HEROIN BUSTERS, DAWN OF THE DEAD, BURIED ALIVE, ALIEN CONTAMINATION, NIGHT OF THE ZOMBIES, CREEPERS and DEMONS 3!

Tabonga' pet gnat Piff (Tabonga call him 'Piffster') been eating Cheerios so's he ready to push big old red 'GO' button!! Piff straining hard... Now, starting to move it... And... Here it go!.. HAUNTED DOLL HOUSE!

Psychic panel giving lecture, then, wiseguy ask ef'fing wrong question!

Jeez, wha?

Lady see bunch of bad thing that gonna happen... To her!! Not cool!

There is David, drunk, walking by awesome statue on his way home from bar. When he get there, he see the murder happen.

David meet alpha female reporter Daria Nicolodi and they decide on arm wrassle contest to see who is tougher, Daria cheat, but win!! Win is what matter, not how! David get totally pissed!!

Italy gots some hot chix!!

Did Tabonga mention that David supposed to be writing music, but he keep hearing weird thing happening and he get all distracted.

Kinda strange, hanged doll hanging from ceiling... Hmmm, better check for poop!

Should have left well enuf alone!

David lucky and get to find another dead body!

Great shot as David look up at haunted house he think has secret to murder mystery!

Police Superintendent Calcabrini baffled by murder scene and is getting some weird vibe.

Lil' gurl tell Superintendent Calcabrini to watch out for ghost!!

Then, David discovey badly painted weirdo art on wall in basement of old haunted house. It show crazy doll wif' knife!!

Superintendent Calcabrini not heed warning of lil' gurl and pay the price, freakin' 50/51 doll come out of wall panel and stab his ass like in wall painting.

Healthy when kid express sense of humor through art!

Tabonga just love that pic!!

This part is very cool as David walk through mirrored portrait gallery in dark hall of old haunted house!

More comin' on Monday, see's you'se then!


Darfish said...

"Hmmm, better check for poop!....Should have left well enuf alone!"
he he he!

TABONGA! said...

Brain work in strange way, baffle even Tabonga!

Anonymous said...

People can not Guanzhuziji life, nor can block the dates of death, so that my human live forever. Since the lives to come to such a capricious, we should make good care of it, use it to enrich it!

prof. grewbeard said...

this film looks very interesting, i think i'll use it to scare the wifey, she hates dollies!...

Christopher said...

Deep Red s a good 'un

buzz said...

Dario Argento's giallos all have a unique twist to them -- the killer's face is seen quite clearly almost immediately after the first murder =but the audience never realizes they're looking at the killer!= The last screencap you posted occurs just a split second after the murderer was shown.

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