Monday, November 2, 2009

L'UOMO MECCANICO - "The Mechanical Man" (1921)

"The Mechanical Man" is a short trip and it's easy to get to! Not a whole lot is known about this Italian film written and directed by André Deed, who passed away back in 1938. Only about 40% of it was ever salvaged, and the quality ain't that great, but just seeing a robot back in 1921 is pretty cool, albeit almost unwatchable at times. This film is available on Netflix, and quite worthy of inclusion in your que!

I'm only giving you a small snippet of the music by Rachel Gutches that was added to this 2005 re-release to give you a feel for it!

" A reign of terror is unleashed by The Mechanical Man, who is remotely controlled by Mado, the evil female mastermind!"

The Mechanical Man chases this dude, and when he hides in this closet, he picks up the whole thing and tosses it off the top of the building!!

"The mayhem continues unchecked" as The Mechanical Man bursts into these gal's apartment and steals their safe by pulling it straight out of the wall!!

It's right about this point in the film where you say to yourself, okay, this Mechanical Man is big and tough, but he's so slow and lumbering, I could get away from him real easy! The next thing you know, he's chasing these people in their car and the freakin' robot is running!!

The Mechanical Man trips and falls down and is destroyed so Mado and her henchmen have to come and pick him up and take him away!!

The next thing you know, The Mechanical Man shows up at a masked ball at the opera house, and everybody is scared at first!

But what do you know? He's a nice guy now, and he toasts champagne with all the party peoples!

The Mechanical Man starts having a little too much fun at this young lady's expense, and when she puts a halt to his advances, he gets pissed off and starts busting up the man's place!

All Hell breaks out now, and The Mechanical Man takes off with his new girlfriend. This has to stop so, the original inventor's brother makes another Mechanical Man, and there's a big throw down between the two robots!!

Behind the scenes, the evil Mado controls her robot!!

And the brother controls the other one, in what is, without a doubt.......

The first ever televised pay-per-view Big-Time Robot Wrasslin' event! What a movie!!


Dain Binder said...

I LOVE IT!! The music fits the scenes perfectly :)

Just added to my need to watch list; thanks.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Boiler Plate.

prof. grewbeard said...

better than Terminator 3!

Christopher said...

I got this flick cheap on an Alpha DVD..with a Will Rogers silent!!

buzz said...

This is a real cool flick -- well worth the money!

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