Sunday, November 1, 2009


Hey, that whole lotta lovin' Halloween Countdown thing was pretty scary fun, we made some new friends, and learned new stuff too. Whopping enormous thanx to Big Z and the little guys for takin' up all the slack, and all the particpants and the people who made the Countdown happen! Here's a wallpaper I made of some spacey record album covers that got left behind. It's like a commemoration of our launch back into space and some of them other neither nether regions we all like to hang out in!


zillagord said...

Thanks for letting a snarky hipster like me hang here. I've had a blast!

buzz said...

I almost feel like sayin' "Happy Ghoul year" since Oct. 31 really is the start of a new year for a site like this!

Keep up the great work! We luv ya!

Monster Music

Monster Music
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