Friday, November 20, 2009

IT'S A REVOLUTION MOTHER - Harry Kerwin - "Biker Babylon" (1968)

Friday night is outtasight when the groovy new world begins, and it's a good time for some of that "Beyond" stuff, and what we have here is beyond almost everything, it's a short film posing as a documentary with it's own bent slant 1968 style. Seems director Harry Kerwin was the only one with enough huevos to step up to the plate and admit any association with the film!

And speaking of huevos, just in case you thought all them hippies was vegans!!

By the looks of Harry's résumé, he just might have been a character. He worked as director on a couple of real classic TV shows, "Make Room For Daddy," Sea Hunt" and "Here's Lucy," but never for more than one episode. Was it the classic, 'it's just not gonna work out, Harry' scenario or what?

This film makes a lot more sense when you find out the original title was not "Biker Babylon" but "It's A Revolution Mother" because it really only focuses on bikers at the beginning before launching into a counterrevolutionary 60's diatribe of peace and love!

Used to be, we'd call these good ole boys, not hippies or bikers!

They even had a rain storm to help you think this might be Woodstock!

Get me some footage of the guy in the tie-dyed shirt and the feather in his hat, that just screams hippie!! I'll even bet you his name is Macaroni!!!

Ressurected from the dead by the amazing Johnny Legend, this film can seen as part of a triple feature including "Rebel Rousers" and
"The Wild Ride" available on Netflix!!


Prof. Grewbeard said...

get that hippie trash outta here!...

Anonymous said...

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